Meet HootSuite’s Social Media Coach – Vicky Truong

Social Media Coach Vicky Truong

HootSuite is launching a monthly blog post series authored by our Resident Social Media Coach and Pro Webinar Host, Vicky Truong. Get to know Vicky in this kick off post (including her feature in HootSource TV) and get an idea of what she’ll cover in future posts!

HootSuite is packed with handy online marketing tools that can help optimize your social outreach. We want to make sure that you’re utilizing all of them! As a Social Media Coach my objective is to help users maximize their social media efforts using the powerful tools available in HootSuite. Every month I will focus on a specific HootSuite product and provide great insider tips that you might not know about!

I wear several hats in the HootSuite nest and coaching webinars is one of my ongoing initiatives where I teach HootSuite users how to make the most of their social media efforts using HootSuite. My experience ranges from social media to experiential marketing and brand strategy development. Together with my knowledge and passion for coaching, I am ready to set you and your organization up for success!

Check out Vicky’s feature on HootSource TV for a quick introduction and a helpful tip on using HootSuite Teams:

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