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Get Smarter on Social with Personalized Coaching Sessions

How can Hootsuite help me be better at social? Is my dashboard set up properly? Could it be better? Can I really improve my business through social?

You’ve got questions—and we’ve got experts. Seems like a perfect match, right? This is why we’re happy to be launching Personalized Coaching Sessions for Free and Pro users of Hootsuite.

These one-on-one sessions are tailored to your specific business goals and needs. The sessions are 30 minutes each, and include:

  • Training to help simplify the process of setting up and using the dashboard

  • Custom advice based on your specific social needs

  • A personalized take-away toolkit to help you achieve your goals

Choose between one, three, or five sessions and have a social media expert show you how to get the most from your Hootsuite dashboard.

One of those experts is Andrea Johb, a social media coach here at Hootsuite.

Andrea Johb, Social Media Coach

Andrea Johb, Social Media Coach

A busy social media manager acting as an army of one? Andrea knows exactly what it’s like. Prior to joining our team Andrea was a Hootsuite customer, managing social media for an automotive group consisting of 14 dealerships. With each dealership having a presence on multiple social networks, Andrea was responsible for managing nearly 30 social accounts, executing the overall social media strategy alongside her other duties managing the websites and building customer relationships.

“Thankfully,” she says, “I had Hootsuite to help me manage all the accounts in one place.”

Andrea became a big fan of Hootsuite’s social media monitoring tools and can help teach you how to use them to find thought leaders, or discover new leads using features like our Klout filter or Instagram location search. To date, Andrea has helped over 1,500 users learn how to make the most of their Hootsuite dashboard.

Your Personalized Coaching Options

Tune-Up Pack: 1 Session

This is ideal if you want to master one specific feature or gain a high-level understanding of the dashboard.

Starter Pack: 3 Sessions

This option is ideal if you want to gain a more thorough understanding of how Hootsuite can help you achieve your business objectives.

Expert Pack: 5 Sessions

Master the dashboard by exploring features such as custom analytics, scheduling, collaboration, and more.

Whether you’re just getting started on social, feel like you’re too busy to learn everything on your own, or want to become a Hootsuite dashboard master—these Personalized Coaching Sessions are made for you.

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