Hootsuite Integrates Twitter’s New Customer Feedback Feature to Improve Social Customer Service

Today’s customers expect to be able to reach your company and provide feedback whenever they want. Social media has become a key part of this new customer service expectation, with interactions on Twitter growing 2.5 times over the last two years.

To help businesses make the most of their customer service potential, Hootsuite is excited to be selected as an integration partner for Twitter’s new Customer Feedback feature. Coming soon, this new experience will allow businesses to collect their audience’s feedback after service interactions through standard customer satisfaction and Net Promoter® questions.

For businesses, being able to receive quick feedback on their customer service efforts is incredibly valuable—and something that Hootsuite champions. By easily capturing customer opinions on Twitter, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and decrease costs. If you need further persuading, Twitter’s research has shown that:

  • Customers in the top 25 percent of satisfaction ratings were willing to pay 53 percent more than those in the bottom 75 percent of satisfaction rating.
  • Solving a customer problem on Twitter costs an average of $1, just a sixth of what it would cost to solve the same problem through a call center.
  • Those who Tweeted and received a response reported higher satisfaction scores (3.72) compared to those who reached out via traditional channels such as phone or in-­person (3.38).
  • 82 percent of those who engaged on Twitter reported sharing their positive experience with others while only 44 percent who engaged on another channel (phone, email, non-Twitter social media, etc.) shared their positive experience with others.

We’re excited to integrate Twitter Customer Feedback into Hootsuite’s customer service solution to help organizations strengthen their relationships with customers. Along with Hootsuite’s help desk and CRM integrations, businesses can efficiently resolve support issues and provide their customers a seamless experience.

Twitter Customer Feedback will be available in Hootsuite soon. See how Hootsuite helps deliver more responsive social customer service and schedule a live Hootsuite demo today.

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