Pinpoint And Engage The People Who Matter Most With PeerIndex App For Hootsuite

It’s hard to find an article about social media these days that doesn’t mention the words “influence” or “influencers”. Most of them encourage you to build and leverage relationships with key individuals such as journalists, analysts, and bloggers who can influence large audiences into buying your products. But the social media user with the greatest potential for your business isn’t always the one with the biggest following. They could be one of your own satisfied customers, or someone whose small audience is highly influential in your target market. The trick is finding them consistently and engaging with them in a timely manner.

To help your business put the abstract science of social media influence into practice, Hootsuite has teamed up with PeerIndex, an audience measurement specialist. PeerIndex tracks the ripple effect of your online voice across interests and communities by measuring how people consume and share your content. They help business owners, marketers, community managers, and sales professionals define target audiences and identify key influencers for their brand. Now you can take that intelligence and apply immediately in the Hootsuite dashboard to power social media engagement.

The PeerIndex PiQ app for Hootsuite allows you to easily sift through over 315 million indexed Twitter accounts to find relevant social media users that matter to your business. Use the app’s advanced search to identify key customers and influencers, and then engage with them seamlessly through Hootsuite.

Pinpoint the people that matter in your industry

There are plenty of influential people on social media, but which of them are actually relevant to your business? With the PeerIndex PiQ app, you can identify the most active, engaged, and authoritative social media users in your field.

  • Search by hashtag or keyword
  • Filter users by country and city
  • Quickly build comprehensive lists of influencers
  • Follow and tweet to people directly from the PiQ app stream

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Turn authority into loyalty

PeerIndex app

As your social audience grows, it’s critical to understand who is actually sharing your content, driving brand awareness, and exerting real influence. Using PeerIndex and Hootsuite, you can identify the most authoritative members of your community and then reach out to transform them into dedicated brand ambassadors.

Gain insights into any Twitter user

PeerIndex Paid Hootsuite app

Just drag and drop a Twitter user’s avatar into your PeerIndex PiQ stream to see their PeerIndex score and other actionable insights.

  • How active they are
  • How often other users engage with them
  • How influential their followers are

There are two versions of the PeerIndex PiQ app: free and paid. Upgrade to the paid app for these additional benefits:

  1. Additional filters (Human and Gender) have been added to search (vs. country and location only with free app)
  2. Each search will now return up to 1,000 results (vs. 20 with free app)
  3. Add influencers to lists to group similar contacts together