Bring the Power of Real Time Chat to Twitter with the SnapEngage app for Hootsuite

SnapEngage, the popular live chat application, is now available in Hootsuite. The SnapEngage integration enables joint customers to easily invite Twitter users into private real time chats, so your chat team can quickly resolve customer support issues before they escalate. Decrease your email ticket volume, help customers faster, and increase your sales conversion rate by connecting directly with prospects at critical moments.

With the SnapEngage app for Hootsuite, now available in the App Directory, you can enhance your Twitter strategy with the privacy, convenience, and speed of real time chat to create an exceptional customer experience.

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SnapEngage app for Hootsuite - dashboard

Key Benefits:

  • Easily send chat invitations to Twitter users from the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Connect customers with the most relevant team by selecting from any of your SnapEngage chat widgets
  • Decrease helpdesk ticket volume by resolving customer support issues quickly in a private chat
  • Empower your sales team to upsell and educate customers in real time

How Hootsuite’s Support Team uses SnapEngage to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Hootsuite’s customer support activity has grown exponentially since our humble beginnings in 2009. With groups in Vancouver, London, and Bucharest, our support team now works around the clock to help customers on social media, delivering about 1500 Tweets per week from our main support handle, @Hootsuite_Help. “Almost all of our Twitter responses to direct mentions clock in under 10-15 minutes,” says Teri Bayrock, Hootsuite’s Channel Operations Manager. In addition to monitoring official mentions, Teri’s team also listens for support-related keywords that allow them to reach out to customers proactively.

Using Hootsuite Assignments, the globally distributed team can collaborate to resolve most customer support issues on the social channels where they originate. However, not every conversation is best suited for social media. “Transparency is a core value for our support team,” says Teri, “but so is the security of our customers’ private information.” Before using SnapEngage, the Hootsuite customer support team brought 200-300 conversations from Twitter into email each week. Email allowed the team to communicate privately and without a 140-character limit on every message, but it forced customers to go too far out of their way to get support.

Since adopting SnapEngage, 80% of the issues that would have previously been sent to email have been resolved within chat, creating a better experience for Hootsuite customers and our support team, as well. “As chat volume increases, helpdesk ticket volume decreases and our overall customer satisfaction increases,” says Teri.

The SnapEngage app for Hootsuite allows support associates to easily send out chat invitations to customers on Twitter, who can now initiate private real time chats with a single click. After integrating chat into our support process, overall customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.