A new Toolkit to Help Governments Improve Services and Decrease Costs

While many government leaders recognize the benefits of social media, it’s still easy to feel overwhelmed by the work required to implement an effective strategy.

With limited resources available, governments need to ensure that their social media initiatives are producing measurable cost savings.

We interviewed forward-thinking social leaders in government—from Fairfax County, Virginia, in the United States to Barcelona, Spain—to learn how they’re effectively scaling social media and using it as a tool to improve services, communicate with constituents, and help decrease operational costs.

You’ll find these best practices, along with other tactics you can begin integrating into your social media strategy, in our Social Media Toolkit for Government.

This toolkit includes:

  • White Paper – The Social Government: How Governments are Reducing Costs and Better Serving Constituents via Social

Hear how innovative governments and agencies around the world are effectively using social media to improve the services they deliver to constituents, while slashing their operational costs.

  • See it in Action – Hootsuite Solutions Tour for Government

See for yourself how Hootsuite makes it easy to centralize management of your social media accounts—while allowing different departments and agencies to collaborate productively.

  • Case Study – Barcelona City Council: The 3 Steps a Spanish City Council Took to Engage Citizens

Discover how Barcelona City Council developed a social media strategy that allows them to more effectively listen to and engage with their social audience—reaching more than 5 million people every month.

Download the toolkit