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7 New Tactics to Transform Your Government’s Social Media Strategy

You don’t need a big budget to create an innovative social media strategy.

That’s what we’ve learned helping governments of all sizes including Barcelona City Council, the City of Melbourne, the City of Boston, the City of New York, Australia Post, Centro, UK Trade and Investment, Ministry of Defence UK, and Scottish Enterprise.

In our new guide, Listen and Serve: 7 Innovative Ways Governments Can Increase Transparency and Public Participation, you’ll learn how governments are using social media to reinvent how they serve constituents.

A few things you’ll discover:

  • How a small town in Spain is experimenting with extreme transparency on social media—and what you can learn from their experiment.
  • Why your standard web analytics might be the wrong way to measure social media success (and what you should track instead).
  • How your community social media “sensors” can increase the speed of your emergency response.

The guide is free and you can download it instantly here.

You’ll also get three bonus resources (including an inspiring webinar featuring Fairfax County, a local government in Virginia, USA).

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