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With over 591 million total internet users, China is a massive online market. For international businesses seeking to expand their global reach, localizing your social media strategy for the Chinese audience is vital.

More importantly, since the western social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are blocked in China, businesses need to be on local Chinese social networks like Sina Weibo to build online communities.

Why Sina Weibo?

Sina Weibo is one of the most popular social media platforms in China with 503 million registered users and 54 million active users each day. Almost half of the top global 500 companies have set up Sina Weibo presences to reach out to the Chinese audience.

Weibo is not simply the Chinese version of Twitter, but rather an intelligent hybrid of some key social media functionalities, including:

  • Powerful blogging service that allows direct comments and conversations between brands and consumers
  • E-commerce that allows retailers to set up product catalogues directly to their Weibo accounts
  • Twitter-like functions  such as the 140 character limits and ‘followers’
  • Instant messaging
  • Embedded multimedia
  • Numerous app integrations

Getting Started on Sina Weibo

First off, get verified on Sina Weibo. A verification badge (see circle in the image) assures the identity and authority of a brand. Given China’s consumer culture, people are hesitant to trust the validity of brands online. As a result, Sina Weibo’s thorough verification badge process ensures consumer confidence.

Second, differentiate your brands by customizing the profile backgrounds. You can do so by using the editing tools such as:

  • Add a rolling header
  • Add and pin videos to the top of the page
  • Provide contact information to drive website traffic

More information about how to verify Sina Weibo account can be found here.

3 Quick Tips to Build Your Sina Weibo Presence

  • Take advantage of rich media functionalities offered by Weibo – image editing, photo collage, emoticon, video and music sharing to make the post more engaging and appealing to the audience.
  • Use Trends Categorization function to find out hot hashtags and topics on Sina Weibo, and create relevant content to catch the ride and increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Sina Weibo’s new Subscription function enables brands to broadcast specific direct messages to their chosen followers in order to build a strong relation between brand and customer. Customize content for particular audience group to increase the engagement and customer loyalty.

Stay tuned with more news about Chinese social media via @HootSuite_CN or connect with us on Sina Weibo.

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marcosluis2186 5pts

Regards, @crystalo29it's a great to see this kind of article about the massive growth of Chinese people in Social Networks. I'm agree with @Lineabout Wechat. I will let you some resources here about the topic:

Just one last things, @crystalo29there's a little error in your author profile, the Twitter's link is repeated.

Line 5pts

Actually Sina Weibo has a declining number of users, whereas the instant messaging app called Wechat has a rising number of users, and the functions they offer are growing explosively right now. IM is in fact so popular, that Sina is developing one of their own now too.

Contrary to the western version Whatsapp, Wechat has official company accounts, where a company like Starbucks have had great success, as far as i know. You would need to speak and write Chinese if you want to reach consumers here, but the platform has an English version!

Additionally Sina is not the only company offering weibo (litterally meaning "microblogging") The company behind Wechat called Tencent have their own weibo platform "Tencent weibo". They are also behind one of the oldest social media platforms in China called QQ. This means a lot of spillover users between Tencents products.... So even though Sina's platform is huge, the question is, what is the next big thing...?


lar 5pts

Kinda forgot to mention that speaking Chinese is a big help