Adobe Genesis Integration with HootSuite Enterprise for On-Site Social Media ROI

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This week marks the kick-off of SXSWi, a conference to celebrate all things tech and social, and HootSuite is also launching exciting new updates, partnerships and integrations – resulting in some very significant enhancements to HootSuite Enterprise.

The first of these announcements builds on the robust measurement capabilities available in the dashboard with an integration with Adobe Genesis, providing a powerful new toolset that will help Enterprise clients accurately track on-site social media ROI.

Plus, Enterprise users now have access to SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher capabilities in-dash, allowing them to automatically calculate the optimal posting time for Facebook and Twitter messages based on audience attention.

And something for all users – Basic, Pro and Enterprise – Push Notifications for iPhone! Our most requested iPhone feature is now a reality for those with the free iOS app. Remember to tweet the love!

The Adobe Genesis Integration for HootSuite Enterprise Clients

Large businesses and organizations are constantly looking for ways to draw deeper analytics from their social media engagement, and HootSuite has worked closely with our Enterprise customers to take this to the next level. With the new Adobe Genesis integration, Enterprise clients will be able to access in-depth granular metrics on the efficacy of their social media programs automatically.

This integration allows Enterprise teams to answer questions about social media ROI that were not possible before, including:

HootSuite, Adobe, Genesis, SiteCatalystMessage Efficacy
Which message types result in the highest number of conversions?
Employee ROI
Which employees are driving the most desirable traffic?
Social Accounts Success
Which Twitter handle is the source of the most valuable traffic?
Social Networks Value
Which platform is providing the greatest return (G+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)?
Optimal Time of Day
Which time of day is most effective to drive traffic?

By connecting the origin of a message with the place and time of on-site activity, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite clients can then go back to HootSuite and engage with those customers and influencers more effectively.


HootSuite also announced a strategic integration with social media optimization platform, SocialFlow. Now, Enterprise users can manage all of their updates for Twitter and Facebook, and compose messages to be added to the Optimized Publisher queue alongside multiple other social networks and keyword search streams, providing a streamlined approach for social media management and effective publishing. Learn more.

Push Notifications for iOS

HootSuite for iPhone OwlAs you may remember, Push Notifications became available in a private beta earlier in February. We’re pleased to announce that, starting today, HootSuite has rolled out Push Notifications for HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for iPad (v2.4.0) to all users!

Enterprise and Pro clients will be able to monitor up to 20 Twitter handles on-the-go, receiving notifications directly on their iPhones and iPads, while Free users will be able to receive limited alerts for up to 2 Twitter accounts. Depending on which HootSuite plan you have, you will be able to receive alerts for mentions, direct messages and more.

HootSuite for Android users need not worry: Push support for Android will be coming in the near future.

The Changing Landscape of Social Enterprise

south by southwestWith much-awaited SXSW 2012 kicking off, HootSuite HQ is brimming with excitement, and we’re sending an elite team of Owls to Austin to take part, sharing the social love with developers, fans and friends.

At SXSW Interactive, multi-national companies and organizations will be paying close to attention to who is leading the space of social technology and how these leaders can help Enterprise businesses draw true value from social content. Perhaps more than ever before, HootSuite is poised to be a major player at SXSW 2012.

Stay up to date with the HootSuite SXSW team by tracking #HootSX and #HootBus in HootSuite. Also, be sure to follow the blog and the HootSX Tumblr for daily news, tons of pictures, and other fun goodies.

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Thomas Sharky
Thomas Sharky 5pts

I'm just going to try out hootsuite for iPad and cannot wait to test those push notifications. It looks very promising.

Chantel 5pts

I can't get twitter to upload the tweet?

Rob (Support Ranger)
Rob (Support Ranger) 5pts

Hi Chantel,

Sorry to hear of the issues you're experiencing.

It's possible that your Twitter profile needs re-authenticating. I would suggest logging in to from a computer, and following the steps in this help article to re-authorize:

Once you have successfully re-authorized, go to Settings > Logout on your iPhone app and then log back in to the app. This will ensure your token for your Twitter profile on your iPhone is up to date.

If you still encounter issues after taking this step, head over to and send us a tweet. We'd be happy to continue to help you out!

Have a great day!


Daemon Blak
Daemon Blak 5pts


Now could you fix the DM not updating bug on iPhone and iPad?


D. Blak

Rob (Support Ranger)
Rob (Support Ranger) 5pts

Hi Daemon,

Sorry to hear of the issues you're running in to.

Your best bet would be to head over to, follow us there, send us a tweet and we'll DM you a link to submit a support ticket. Once we have the ticket, we'll look into the issue you're seeing and help you resolve the issue.

Have a great day!


Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Let's ask the Support Rangers for a hand to figure this out as we're not aware of a bug.

JD 5pts

I don't understand how HootSuite can even be considered a viable option until they FINALLY figure out how to allow thumbnails and photos to post to facebook and twitter instead of a simple short link. This reduces click rate dramatically! It blows me away this still hasn't been addressed! I would never suggest a client use HootSuite for this reason. Thumbnails and images within posts are extremely important, HootSuite doesn't allow for it.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

JD, Keep in mind, there are requirements and limitations to the Facebook API - As a Facebook Preferred Developer, we work diligently to make a quality integration. I'd suggest posting as a photo with a text caption to solve your problem as photos are great for Facebook engagement.

Brian Johns
Brian Johns 5pts

Thank you for creating some of the tools that can help change the world. Thank you.

ritaragev 5pts

How i can ultilize and use social media optimization platform, through ?