Klout and HootSuite: All about influence ~ News Round-up

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Influential Releases

With 2 big releases this past week, there’s enough news to fill a half dozen news round-ups so let’s get underway with a focus on influence measuring.

We added Klout scores to HootSuite a few releases back to help gauge the breadth and power of individual networks. This time around, we added a “filter by Klout score tool” which allows you to only display Twitter messages send by people with a specified score.

While not perfect by any means, these algorithmically-produced score allows you to learn which followers and contacts enjoy the widest reach which is deal for quickly identifying campaign candidates or response priority.

A few campaigns have made a splash by using Klout to identify influencers and then outreach to them with their offers.

One example is Virgin Airlines who tracked down high-Klout-ers in San Francisco and Toronto and offered free flights to promote the airline’s new service between those two fine cities.

Mashable provides some more background using the example of a Toronto-blogger Breanna Hughes who scored a free flight with her 42 Klout score. Despite the significant perks, there were not coverage requirements.

Another participant was Social Media Club’s Chris Heuer who used his flight to host a club meeting in Toronto, ergo:

ChrisHeuer: stoked to be going to TOR w/ help from @VirginAmerica (thanks to @klout). going to do 1st @socialmediaclub visit to TOR & Niagra #VXToronto –  5:45 PM Jul 14th

In the past few days, many HootSuite users have mentioned their thoughts about the tool and some speculate how the Klout scores are tabulated while others question the idea of measuring influence.

Here are a few which we gathered for your perusal to tactical ways in which people might use this tool. As usual, you can grab the full firehose of HootSuite news via the social bookmarks stream and/or by following @hootwatch.

How Klout Scores Work | Engauge Blog & @KathleneHestir » How Klout Scores Work

Hootsuite released new social CRM tools yesterday that allow you to filter your keyword and search columns for Twitter by keywords – and even more importantly by influencer. Recently Hootsuite also integrated Klout Scores, a score that measures your influence across the web, into their dashboard metrics.

So now, for instance, if you manage a Twitter account for an ice cream brand you can do a search across Twitter for people talking about ice cream and sort these people by their Klout score or influence. This is extremely helpful because community managers no longer have to spend half their time searching for influencers – now audiences can easily be sorted by Klout score and more time can be spent reaching out to people most likely to help you spread your message.

New HootSuite Features Offer More Insight About Your Customers | Read Write Web

Using the influence scoring algorithm developed by Klout, HootSuite allows users to sort their followers by who has the most influence on Twitter, enabling companies and brands to better prioritize their Twitter conversations.

Klout and HootSuite: when influence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy | Social Signal

Klout’s newfound, well, influence has landed it a special place in the heart of Twitter web app HootSuite. (By the way, I’ve been using HootSuite heavily for the past few days, and can report it’s amazing.) You can now filter the people you follow so you only see updates from those who surpass a certain Klout threshold.

Top 20 Vancouver Twitter Peeps Based on Klout Score | Kris Krug

Criticize as you may… I don’t post this for any sorta ego stroke but because for power-users of Twitter the data yielded by Klout is fascinating. Who influences you? Who is influenced by you? Which the topics you talk about online do people engage with the most?

I also noticed that Hootsuite just recently added Klout scores next to all users profile information. Useful way to at-a-glance figure out what some is all about.

Klout and the Incalculable Value of Surprising Influencers | Tod Maffin

The recent release of the excellent and free Hootsuite social media dashboard now lets you filter tweets by Klout. In other words, you can see a stream of people who are tweeting about your brand — and can tell Hootsuite to only show those people who are very influential on the Internet. These are the people you should focus on. Invite them to participate as advisory board members. Send them a gift certificate. Invite them to your next staff party.

This screenshot shows one of the Hootsuite columns I run — a search for any time someone mentions my Twitter username, but only people with more than a Klout Influence Score of 39. These are the people who others trust to bring them valuable content. They are paid attention to.

Hootsuite’s Got Klout | Klout

One of the features we particularly like (admittedly, we’re a bit biased) is the new ability to filter by Klout Score. Sometimes you have more mentions and updates than you can possibly keep up with and the only way to keep sane is to filter. Hootsuite allows you to filter by our influence score as well as by keyword.

Twitter Tools: HootSuite Rocks | The First ImpressionsKapil Apshankar

Filter By Influence: The influence word seems to be popping up all too frequently since the last couple of weeks. I had a bunch of posts on the same topic here last week – (Trust + Influence) Exceeds (Fame + Power) In Social Media.

I have been gaining a lot of insight into Twitter behaviors using the Klout index – based on the Klout algorithm. Though there are opponents of the Klout algorithm, and it too has its own set of limitations, this is still a pretty good start that goes a long way in improving my Twitter experience and making it relevant to me.

HootSuite Update Gets You Down with the In Crowd | Marketing Pilgrim

Twitter dashboard HootSuite added a new layer of functionality this week that emphasizes the influencers in your social media crowd and further lays the ground work toward becoming a pay service.

New Hootsuite Has “Klout” | Office Divvy

The popular social media tool to manage Twitter and Facebook status updates, Hootsuite, released their newest version: Hootsuite 5.0.

One interesting feature is “Klout” with twitter-user scores based on Klout.com’s klout-scores, which is the influence metric. It measures overall influence through 25 variables broken into three categories; True Reach, Amplification Score and Network Score.

Bonus: Just a couple more which sort of fit with the others.

HootSuite influence classification according to Twitter users | CNET News Service (Chinese)

Note: You might want to get your translator out for this post in Chinese.

HootSuite For Sourcing | The Source Newsletter

Note: Sourcing is the research part of recruitment industry. “Sourcers” are master web searchers with ability to find *anything* and prove their mettle at conferences with Grandmaster challenges. While Amybeth’s article mostly reviews some other new features, it’s an easy connection to know that influence scores will get you noticed faster when looking for gigs or clients.


Here are a few more posts abot Klout (not HootSuite) to add to the conversation about influence:

Influence is More Than Klout-Deep from The Online Strategy House by Guacira Naves

Social Media: Does Your Klout Really Matter? by Veronica Heringer

More to Come

Expect a few more news round-ups in the coming days while we archive reactions to the releases. As usual, you can grab the full firehose of HootSuite news via the social bookmarks stream and/or by following @hootwatch.

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mo 5pts

I'm a longtime Hootsuite fan and user. The introduction of Klout was great.

What's particularly interesting about this post is the part about advertisers using Klout scores to influence their campaigns. That also inpired me to build http://tagsby.me so that I could look at the influence of my followers, categorize them by tag, and sort them by influence, name, follower count etc. Just in case I wanted to run my own campaign with people who already knew me.

You can see a list of Twitter accounts for top tech journalists sorted by Klout here: http://tagsby.me/?search_text=tech%20journalist You can also search for each journalist by name where the name is included as a tag.

I'm still a big Hootsuite, Klout user and fan, and I'm looking forward to whatever is coming next.

Mat Dryhurst
Mat Dryhurst 5pts

I am fascinated by Klout, however when I check out our score analysis, the dates referenced in the graphs are from 2008 and 2009 (way before we ramped up our Social Media schedule).

The content analysis is up to date, however is there a reason the graphs are outdated?(Klout Score etc..)


Martijn Linssen
Martijn Linssen 5pts

Hi Joe, thanks for the mention.

I have been working with the Twitter API for the last month, especially with search, retrieving followers, friends, and so on. Some of that is XML and JSON, some of it JSON only, but I haven't succeeded in getting partial results so far. There are next-cursors and previous cursors and id's and it's all pretty easy to check if something completes successfully or not

It's true that Twitter has its ups and downs. And its also true that Klout needs to get their data from Twitter. But it shouldn't be true that Klout gives their users inconsistent data because Twitter has (partially?) failed to give backa consistent data set

All that can be checked. Maybe my 4-post series on failsafe application development can help: it starts with http://www.martijnlinssen.com/2010/01/failsafe-application-development.html

I have 77 lists, it should be 95-ish. There's more but once you solve the way you develop and test code, you'll solve it all

Gabriele Bryant
Gabriele Bryant 5pts

I'm not that convinced of Klouts value. Seeing as in the space of a year I'm supposed to still be "dabbling" at Twitter and still "influenced" by another twitterer, whom I haven't even conversed with muss less retweeted in that time...

Indigo Mertel
Indigo Mertel 5pts

How reliably is Klout? It looks to me something is not working properly there, unless I am missing something. I have checked my Klout score several times in the past 3 or 4 weeks. It reports I have 395 followers and I am in 50 lists. In reality I have 497 followers and I am in 86 lists. That data is several weeks old.

Either Klout is not working properly or there is a catch I can't see.

Martijn Linssen
Martijn Linssen 5pts

I think the way Klout balances various aspects in play on Twitter (followers, following, @-replies, ReTweets, and then weighing individual Klout scores of people in there) is a fine way to measure Influence. However, I'm worried about the stability and quality of Klout's calculations - and the way they deal with that (read the comment): http://www.martijnlinssen.com/2010/06/get-your-act-together-klout.html