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Australian Companies Struggling with Content Creation on Social Media

A whopping 87 percent of Australian companies think that social media provides a competitive advantage. However, they face a variety of challenges in harnessing that potential.

That’s just one of the findings from Hootsuite’s Australian Social Media Management Study which examined the perceptions and experiences of businesses using social media in Australia. We surveyed more than 100 executives and managers at businesses in various industries across Australia about their social media usage and challenges in 2015.

We found that content creation on social media platforms is the biggest challenge facing businesses in Australia, as cited by 30 percent of survey respondents. Other barriers include social media measurement (18 percent) and simultaneous content distribution across channels (15), among other issues.

For Australian businesses, brand awareness is key. A full 61 percent of respondents indicated that it’s their main social media objective. Other priorities included increasing brand loyalty (13 percent) and increasing sales (12 percent).

More than three quarters of respondents recognized the competitive advantage that social media provides for their businesses and 61 percent are looking at increasing their use of social media. The majority of respondents surveyed (58 percent) do not actively use a social media management system. This underscores the need for more education and resources to help Australian organizations tap into the full power of social media.

Facebook continues to lead the pack in terms of social network use for Australian businesses with 29 percent of respondents indicating that they use the platform to post content. Facebook is followed by Twitter (16 percent) and Instagram (15 percent).

The findings provide a lot of insight into the social media use of Australian companies. Roger Graham, Hootsuite director of growth and marketing, explained what the results mean: “Australian businesses understand the benefits and competitive advantage that social media provides, however continue to struggle with fully capitalizing on this trend. There’s great opportunity for companies to embed social media as a fundamental component in their marketing efforts, and Hootsuite can help in this journey. Hootsuite offers a number of tools and features that help customers create great content, distribute it to those who matter, and measure its success via social.”

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