China #TencentWeibo + Russia #Vkontakte App Releases ~ Your News Roundup


With spring arriving, cherry blossoms are in full bloom from Vancouver to Beijing and even Moscow. With the addition of the Tencent Weibo App, HootSuite’s made great progress in further localizing the dashboard for Chinese. We’ve also integrated the Russian language and launched the Vkontakte App! There’s plenty of news and updates to share on HootSuite’s expanding global communities, so please enjoy this handy localization news roundup.

Our friends over at The Next Web were quick to cover the releases; here are some excerpts:

Vkontakte and Russian

owly-russia-transparentThe Next Web — HootSuite Now Supports Russian and VKontakte Social Network

“The latest integration is VKontakte, a social network available in several languages and countries, but particularly popular in Russia. It’s a free app on HootSuite and allows users to post updates to the service, including photos, and view a real-time stream of other users’ status updates.”


  • Vkontakte (VK) is a social network service available in a variety of languages
  • Predominantly popular among the world’s Russian speaking friends from Eastern Europe to Central Asia
  • As of year end 2012, VK had 195 million user accounts
  • Rated the second most visited website in Russia.

Visit the HootSuite App Directory and install VK today!

TenCent Weibo


The Next Web — Hootsuite Widens its Service in China with support for Tencent Weibo

“Tencent Weibo tends to feature less drama than its major rival, and therefore receives less attention from the international community. However, its user base remains large – over 500 million registered users, the majority of which are located in second and third-tier cities.”

  • Tencent Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website
  • Launched by Tencent in April 2010, still currently beta testing
  • Over 500 million registered users

Find TenCent Weibo, as well as Sina Weibo and RenRen Apps at the HootSuite App Directory.

Are you already  using VK or TenCent Weibo? Tell us what you think:



On January 25th the very first China HootUp surfaced in Shanghai. #HootUpSH was hosted by Crystal Jiang, HootSuite’s Community Coordinator.


Chinese owls certainly enjoyed themselves, learning about #LifeOfOwly and how to use HootSuite to build their unique communities.

Would you like to host a HootUp? Find out how at our Community page

More Media?

Here is even more great media coverage:

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