Measuring and Monitoring with Ryan Holmes and Folk Media at SXSW

A wee bit old but while we’re catching up on News Round-ups over the next few days, here’s an artifact from SXSWi back in March.

This time it’s a video interview with CEO Ryan Holmes with Folk Media. Ryan shares some insider info about how we build and promote HootSuite, the channels we use to spread the brand, and what we measure to gauge success.

Take a look and be sure to answer host Nichole Kelly‘s question:

After you watch the video leave a comment below and let us know which category Ryan fits in and why…
1) Houdini
– all smoke and mirrors
2) Miami Vice
– definitely trendsetting
3) CSI
– Crime Scene Investigator – so smart with social media measurement that NOTHING gets by.

Note: I chose 3) CSI cause i know (almost) no mention of “HootSuite” slips by on Twitter, web, or elsewhere thanks to a listening dashboard of feeds which diligently harvests mentions from the outer reaches of the Internet.