Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 93

There are over 300 million tweets sent from around the world every day. Because Twitter has become such a major source for global news and conversations, we pull weekly trends to discover what the world is talking about. Here are some of the highlights:

Top Twitter Trend of the Week: Sochi 2014

We expect that the top Twitter trend for the next three weeks will be the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Because of this, we will focus on the top aspect that is trending—whether it be the facilities, Opening Ceremonies, or a specific Olympic event or athlete. 

Canada erupted on social media following a wild comeback by their women’s hockey team to win a gold medal in Sochi on Thursday. The Canadian women scored two goals in the final 4 minutes to tie the game, sending it to overtime. They then buried the game winner on the powerplay, bringing home the gold for the 4th straight Winter Olympics.

But the American and Canadian Twitter followers had another opportunity to clash on Friday morning as their respective men’s hockey teams competed in a semi-final game.  Unfortunately for American fans, the result went in the same direction. While it was exciting, it wasn’t the high scoring bout that many people expected. Canada took a 1-0 lead in the second period and held on until the end, advancing to the gold medal game against Sweden. Sweden defeated their rivals, the Finns, in the other semi-final on Friday. The U.S. will play Finland for the bronze on Saturday.

For social media stats about this game, check out our #SochiSocial infographic.

Top News of the Week: (TIE) Ukraine and Venezuela 


Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine has been a war zone this week, as opponents of the ruling government continue to violently clash with riot police. Medics have said that over 100 protestors died on Thursday, the bloodiest day of the protests this week. The government’s count is lower, putting the total death toll since Tuesday at 77 while another 577 people have been injured. A hotel in the Square has been turned into a makeshift hospital, and images of bodies covered in bloodied sheets have been circulating on social media. Fires continue to burn around Maiden, the opposition camp in Independence Square where protesters vow to continue their fight.

Watching Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks during this kind of crisis reinforces how powerful this kind of “human-scale media” can be as a real-time source of news and updates. The opposition’s @euromaiden Twitter handle delivers a interesting look at the front line, asking for more tires to burn, giving updates and sharing (often disturbing) photos.


Twitter has also been playing a huge part in political clashes currently underway in Venezuela. The country is divided and media coverage of the ongoing protests have been tricky. Teams like CNN were informed that their correspondent credentials were revoked. Lack of inflation control by President Nicolas Maduro, rampant crime, and a failure to give young Venezuelans job opportunities have all been cited as reasons the protestors took to the streets. At the moment, the Government is putting the death toll at 8, including Miss Venezuela (model Genesis Carmona, who was shot in the head at a protest on Tuesday in Valencia).

Twitter is serving as a platform for protest, with duelling hashtags on both sides. There has also been a back-and-forth between president Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Leopoldo López that has been shared tens of thousands of times. Twitter has seen a steady stream of Tweets, photos and videos coming onto the site while mainstream media has been (for the most part) quiet.

[Translation: “I tell you Maduro, you are a coward. You are going to break neither me nor my family. To my family: strength, I love them.”]

Top Event: BRIT Awards

The 2014 BRIT Awards in London were this week, and the Arctic Monkeys and OneDirection both came out on top with two awards a piece. Other award show surprises included David Bowie winning his first BRIT in 18 years, and Disclosure and Lorde joining up on a rendition of “Royals.” In terms of big winners, David Bowie won Best Male Solo Artist, Ellie Goulding got the British Female Solo Artist, Arctic Monkeys won Best Group, and Bastille won Best Breakthrough Act.

The Twittersphere lit up with conversation of everyone’s favourite acts, how hot One Direction is and of course how elegant Beyoncé looked in a glittery long blue gown during her “XO” performance.

Top Entertainment: House of Cards

Since last Thursday when Netflix released the Season 2 of hit-show House of Cards, people have obviously been binge-watching. Without giving away too much, the season opener was shocking. A word of advice: you may want to stay off Twitter if you’re looking to avoid spoilers. Or as Frank would say…

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