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A Hootsuite ‘Trick or Treat’ Webinar

Is your business ready for the holidays? Halloween is just around the corner! We know the dashboard can seem SCARY at times, but in fact there are many hidden features that will allow you to manage your social media more efficiently. Whether you are working at a tech company, a marketing agency, a retail store, or for yourself, the following webinar will leave you screaming, “It’s Alive!” (insert Dr.Frankenstein’s voice).

Join our not-so-spooky Social Media Coaches, @HootGarrigo and @HootAJ, for an exclusive Halloween-themed webinar providing you with the ‘Tricks” and “Treats” of the dashboard that can help your business this holiday season. This webinar will focus on setting up Halloween campaigns and contests for your business and how to track your successes with Hootsuite’s built-in analytics features. You can fill your social media goodie bag with the following Tricks and Treats:

  • Create the skeleton of your contest strategy
  • Tricks on how to monitor your contests
  • Unlock the treasure chest of the dashboard
  • Carve an analytics report that will glow with valuable data

By the end of this webinar, the only thing that will be scary is the look on your competitor’s faces.

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