How One Digital Agency Created a Record-Breaking Social Media Campaign

Most agencies depend on repeat business, which means they need to continually deliver results to keep their clients happy. Rishabh Dev is the founder of Mapplinks, a digital agency in India, and he deals with this everyday.

For a recent campaign, Rishabh and his team were tasked with developing a global social media campaign to attract participants to a three day women’s coding event.

Drawing over 7,000 participants from more than 100 countries, the coding event earned the greatest number of registrations for an event of its kind, setting a world record.

So how did Mapplinks achieve these results? This is what Rishabh had to share.

3 social media campaign tips from Mapplinks

1. Build a strong team

Identify the goals of your campaign then select team members accordingly.

For the campaign linked to the coding event, Mapplinks was tasked with building awareness and generating sign-ups for the event. Rishabh assigned four digital specialists to manage the campaign—a digital analyst, a digital strategist, a graphic designer, and a content manager. Here are some responsibilities of each person on that team:

  • Digital Analyst: Identified keywords that the campaign should focus on and worked with the content specialist to optimize content for search.
  • Graphic Designer: Knowledgeable about the differences between the nuances of website and landing page design.  
  • Content Manager: Creative, with lots of ideas. Understood the audience and knew what kind of content they wanted.   
  • Digital Strategist: Engaged with the audience and started a conversation.

This is one example of what a team could look like. If your campaign goals are different, make sure you define a team structure and roles and that help you achieve those goals.

2. Use a mix of paid and organic promotion

One of the measures of a successful campaign is reach. Reach can be achieved through owned, earned, and paid social media marketing. Organic reach from owned social media channels tends to plateau out beyond a point. Paid social media marketing can be used to boost the reach of your campaign and target your audience more efficiently.

Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Adwords are some popular options. Pick a network depending on the objectives of your campaign. Here’s a quick overview of each platform:

  • Google Adwords: Good for generating leads, increasing website visits, and driving conversions or sales for most types of products or services.
  • Facebook Ads: Helps create awareness and boost word of mouth marketing. Facebook lets you target and reach audiences based on geography, demographics, and interests. It’s a good platform for driving engagement.
  • LinkedIn Ads:  The best option for B2B advertising since it can help you target decision makers. Not as effective for consumer brands.

During their coding event campaign, Mapplinks included a healthy dose of both organic and paid promotion.

Organic Promotion:

  • Organic social media posts
  • Outreach to relevant Twitter handles
  • Outreach to relevant LinkedIn Groups

Paid Promotion:

  • Facebook Ads using interest-based targeting
  • Google AdWords

3. Amplify the campaign using the right content mix

While promoting your social media campaign, it’s important to use content that is fresh, yet relevant to your audience. A good way to do that is to use a mix of original and third-party content.  

Follow the 4-1-1 posting rule

What should your mix of content should look like? Mapplinks used the 4-1-1 rule as a baseline while creating a content plan. Made popular by Tippingpoint Labs and the Content Marketing Institute, the rule states: “For every one self-serving update (Tweet or post), share four new pieces of relevant original content and share one piece of content from others.”

Find great content to share

There are lots of great content curation tools out there to help you find content that you can share. Here are a few:

Mapplinks used Hootsuite to find and share content to amplify their social media campaign.

To learn more about how Mapplinks delivered a record-breaking social media campaign, read the full case study.

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