Catch up on Releases and HootUps ~ Your Chinese News Roundup


HootSuite Renren Chinese News Roundup
Meet Min Li (left), app developer for HootSuite Weibo and Renren.

Enjoy the following news roundup of HootSuite’s Chinese release written by HootSuite Community Coordinator, Crystal Jiang.

On November 22, 2012, HootSuite’s localization for Chinese continued as HootSuite launched Simplified Chinese version and integrated Renren into the HootSuite App Directory. Building on the excitement of HootSuite’s Weibo integration and update, our friends in the Chinese media shared news with owls in Mainland and abroad.

Catchup on all the buzz in some of our favorite excerpts, and also about HootSuite’s first #HootUp in China.

The Next Web – Hootsuite furthers China push with Renren, China’s Facebook, and Simplified Chinese support

“To the untrained Western eye, Simplified Chinese may not seem too different to Traditional Chinese but the addition of the former represents a more concerted effort to appeal to users in mainland Chinese itself, where it is used.”

Jon Russel

Memeburn – HootSuite cosying up to China nicely with new Renren and language updates

“Social management tool HootSuite is taking measures to entrench itself in the Chinese market…Renren currently boasts 170-million users, is one of a few Chinese social networks listed in the New York Stock Exchange and is the largest real name social network in China.”

Michelle Atagana

Chinese owls visit the nest

On December 7, Chinese students from Shenzhen Polytechnic visited HootSuite HQ in Vancouver. As part of an exchange program, students discussed about social media development in China and learned about how to use HootSuite to manage their Weibo and Renren accounts.

“We look forward to seeing more integration of Chinese social networks like QQ, Tencent Weibo into HootSuite dashboard.”

–May Xu, students from Shenzhen Polytechnic

HootUp in China

You read correctly! On January 25, Owls will assemble in Shanghai for China’s first #HootUp. Join HootSuite Chinese Owl, Jun Liu for an evening of learning, fun, and networking.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about owls in the east, and of course, Tweet us @HootSuite_CN for all the latest HootSuite Chinese news and notes.