Image by Rob Campbell via Flickr

Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Gaining Executive Buy-In and Unifying Social Strategy

As your business grows, what may have worked during the earlier stages—whether it relates to staffing levels, corporate policies, or even the physical space your organization inhabits—may not be a solution down the road. Eventually, you’ll need to hire more staff to meet Service Level Agreements, and maybe even take over another floor of your current office building to accommodate your expanding company. This principle of “scaling up” to meet the demands of your business applies to social media as well.

At the same time, social media is breaking through the boundaries of an enterprise’s social media advocate or team. It’s important to encourage this growth to avoid fragmenting, siloing, or even stagnating social media efforts. This may sound like an overwhelming task, so we’ve put together some related Hootsuite resources to make it easier to tackle.

This Scaling Social Media Toolkit contains tactical information to help you organize your social business by focusing on:

  • gaining executive buy-in on the importance of social media as a key business driver
  • unifying social strategy across teams, departments and business units

Get insight from industry experts—content and social media strategists, as well as Hootsuite’s VP of Community and Customer Experience, Jeanette Gibson—on how to get that all-important executive buy-in and effectively align social goals across the organization. See where your company falls in terms of social media maturity and learn the 5 steps to scaling social media across the organization.