Daily Social Media Statistics from Sochi: Your #SochiSocial Infographic

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 2 years ago | No Comments

Your Guide to Social Stats on the Sochi 2014 Olympics

Throughout the Games, we’ll be tracking social conversations around the 2014 Sochi Olympics in this daily infographic to show what’s buzzing on social. Powerful stats from uberVU via HootSuite will be updated each day to give you an overview of who owns the mindshare of Olympic voice on social. This, our final infographic, looks back at the closing ceremonies.

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For Volume 1 of the infographic, on the start of the Games, click here.

For Volume 2, on Opening Ceremonies, click here.

For Volume 3, on Olympic sponsors, click here.

For Volume 4, on pop culture trends, click here.

For Volume 5, on the most popular sports, click here.

For Volume 6, on the most popular sports within Russia, click here.

For Volume 7, on the figure skating buzz, click here.

For Volume 8, on Olympic hockey, click here.

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Michelle Owens
Michelle Owens 5pts

Would be nice to see a 'social media' gold silver and bronze awarded to the countries with the most amount of positive social media sentiments. That would be rad.


It would be nice to know some statistics also from Nordic derby in ice hockey's semifinals: Finland vs Sweden.

margaretjacoby45 5pts

It would be interesting to know how many are watching the women's hockey vs the men's; women's bobsled vs men's, etc.