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Update October 8, 2013: We’ve released a new version of the Hootlet. Learn about the new version in this video:

HootSuite adds more awesome to Hootlet with new features including AutoSchedule — a powerful new link share tool that determines the optimal time to schedule social media messaging. Now you can automatically queue messages throughout the day to maintain a consistent social media presence.

- AutoSchedule — Enables smart scheduling to maximize reach and impact of your social messaging.
- Custom Content Sharing — Select and share specific text and images found on websites via Hootlet.
- New Personalized Options — Allows you to enable or disable the AutoSchedule drop-down menu.

Hootlet is available as a Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on. Find out more at http://hootsuite.com/extensions

Song is “Dick & Jane” by Sidney York - http://sidneyyork.com
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