Migration Season – Time to Select a HootSuite Plan

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 19 Comments

Social Media Migration
Social Media Management

This year has seen HootSuite grow to over 900 thousand users with 1.9 million social networks, and we manage over 1 million outbound messages per day with a team of nearly 30 employees. Plus we released free mobile apps for several major platforms (with more to come), and forged close partnerships with our friends at Twitter and Facebook… and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’re truly glad you’re flying with the HootSuite owls.

Choose Your Flight Plan

Long-time HootSuite fans have likely noticed we’ve begun the great migration to get all HootSuite users onto the plan that works best for their individual needs.

Since announcing the premium plans back in August of 2010, we’ve listened closely to your feedback and suggestions to ensure that we could tailor the plans to meet your different requirements and to ensure that the key features are as affordable and available as possible.

Be Free!

Choose the Owl that's right for you

HootSuite was hatched as a free tool, and while we have added premium paid plans for increased support and advanced features, we haven’t forgotten the free users and we will continue to release more tools for all plans.

The Basic free plan still includes most all of the beloved HootSuite features offered before the we added team collaboration and advanced analytics (including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights).

Which Owl is Right for You?

On a budget but want to tap into the social web across networks? No problem, the Basic plan has you covered. Need advanced support, multiple team members or advanced analytics? We’ve got a Pro plan for you.

HootSuite Enterprise PlanThe free Basic plan starts you off with HootSuite staples such as scheduling, keywords monitoring and 30 day Ow.ly stat history, while the Pro plan offers additional benefits like team collaboration, unlimited social networks and RSS/Atom Feeds, plus Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Consider the Enterprise plan for even more. This full menu plan is ideal for teams with greater than 15 members plus includes 10 seats in HootSuite Learning Program so your team can gain advanced techniques to advance your social media efforts.

To learn more about the offerings, go to the plans page to see which is best for your unique needs.

A Little Hoot for Friends

We understand you may still have questions about your account and the different plans and features that HootSuite offers. No problem, we’re here to help you out. Start with a library of articles in the Help Desk to learn the ins-and-outs of our offering and/or you can always give us a hoot via Twitter @hootsuite_help.

Road-Map Ahead

There’s lots of great stuff ahead on the HootSuite road-map. For starters, CEO Ryan Holmes will be at TWTRCON in SF on Thursday with an announcement of some new tools coming shortly.

Be sure to follow @hootwatch for more tips and news, plus keep an eye on @hootsuite as well as the blog for articles and release announcements to help you make the most of your HootSuite dashboard.

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Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your feedback Darren. Where is your hostel? Maybe we can come visit! We are always working to find more ways to make HootSuite available to entrepreneurs like you.

Darren Overby
Darren Overby 5pts

I own a low profit tourist hostel in service to young travelers. We operate largely with the help of volunteers. I'm trying to incentivize tweeting for them. However, in order to track who tweeted what I would need to pay $15 per month per user?!?! This means for my little hostel I would need to pay $90 per month on activities that we can not easily quantify the ROI. This is more than I pay my ISP for our whole website. I expect each of them may only tweet 5-10 times a day. I agree this is way too expensive for a small business. I'm bummed we still are having trouble getting into social media marketing.

Regnard Raquedan
Regnard Raquedan 5pts

If you ask me, I think HootSuite expected this kind of fallout. Why? Because they want less of the free users and encourage more paying users. It helps them that they have a pretty good product.

Bottomline: If you left HootSuite, then you're not the customer they are targeting.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Keep in mind, we truly care about all our users and designed HootSuite's Premium plans for approx. 5% of the customers. We expect 95% to continue to enjoy HootSuite's free basic version.

mb3 5pts

I understand the need to have a revenue stream and be profitable as well. I'm in business myself. However, to force me a free user to purge my account and CHOOSE at LOGIN was a tremendous blow to us FREE users! I have recommended, trained, promoted HootSuite for quite sometime and I do not remember seeing (please remove all of my accounts except 5) on your survey. I'm very disappointed that you would devalue your free user base. In a freemium model, how your free users feel about you before they become customers will dictate IF AND WHEN they choose to become paid customers. Thank you.

Cory 5pts

Seriously bad form to take features away from existing users. I can understand offering new features for Pro members, but you've really forced a lot of people to consider alternate products. I've recommended Hootsuite to many colleagues and now have my whole team collaborating on our social media campaigns, so you've lost another loyal customer here...

Marc 5pts

Paying for extra team members sucks. I worked with a colleague happily on two non-profit projects, but now I'm forced to look for an alternative.

Richard Ferris
Richard Ferris 5pts

I am happy to remain with the free plan. I was a lite user, and tweeting to 3 accounts, plus a couple of my Facebook pages suits me well! Less to manage :)

Thanks for keeping SOME free plan - and hope to grow to the need for a pro plan in the future!

Paul 5pts

Our office recently started using Hootsuite because it allowed us to have multiple team members tweeting on our one account. Taking that free feature away and making the new charge for it as steep as it is provided a new assignment for me -- find a replacement for Hootsuite.

I'm in total agreement with Al B. If you were adding great new features for the pay version and leaving the free version as-is, I would have no problem. But making folks pay for something that has been free will only drive them to find a replacement. Of course you need to make money - that's why you went into business. But this is not the way to retain loyal fans and definitely not a hook to turn non-paying users into paying ones.

da_anchorman 5pts

15$/EACH??? are you crazy? I mean, I do understand you have to have your part out of it, but 15$ is far too much. I'll have to migrate my self!

donatien 5pts

Hi I'm a early user and adopter of Hootsuite. I recommanded to a lot of my friends. I do understand that you wanna be profitable or at least to keep the service running properly with premium version. As Peter said, 15$ is too expensive. We will be oblige to have a look on another twitter account and reorganize our work. We will missed your service... Have a good chance on this way. Donatien from Czech Republic

Rose 5pts

Had a hard time logging into my account and came to your blog to find out why. Found out about your migration. In the meantime I was able to log into my account but when I wanted to click the "remain free" option the link didn't work so I has to opt for the "skip" option.

Al B.
Al B. 5pts

Adding features to a for-pay PRO version is fine. Taking away features from a FREE version people are using is not cool. Guess I will be going elsewhere...


Mike Bridgman
Mike Bridgman 5pts

Congrats on the growth - just wanted to let you know that the 'free mobile apps' link is broken.

Peter Fletcher
Peter Fletcher 5pts

I was going to upgrade but am having serious doubts. Put simply the product is too expensive. The main problem is with the extra team members. At the moment I have 3 and Hootsuite is charging $15/month EACH. Why would you charge more for a team member than for the original account? Then if I add more team members the price per team member goes up. So much for bulk discounts. As I said on Twitter I don't like the way this upgrade was handled and I like it even less now. What other surprises are around the corner?

John 5pts

Shame, shame, shame. So sad to see you state "95% of users" will accept your free plan - there is no more team collaboration at free, which I'm sure you know will force users to pay up, create multiple free accounts, complicate usage, or just leave. This is a freemium model that leaves a very bad taste - and that will spread a very negative word of mouth about Hootsuite. What a disappointment.