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The Hootlet makes sharing media, from YouTube videos to Instagram photos, a quick and easy process.
The Hootlet makes sharing media, from YouTube videos to Instagram photos, a quick and easy process.

That valuable cross-posting functionality of HootSuite has become even more useful through the enhanced Hootlet Chrome extension. Now you can post updates to several social networks without ever leaving the webpage you’re on.

The Hootlet can be used to immediately share whatever website you are on with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. All you have to do is click the Hootlet icon in your browser, and a pre-populated message with the title of the page and an link to it appears. Then it is up to you to choose the social networks you’d like to share it to, publish, schedule or AutoSchedule it (more on that in another blog post) and then click send. Simple, easy, and efficient.


Did a specific sentence or quote catch your eye? Instead of Tweeting or posting about an entire website, with Hootlet you can focus on the information that matters most (without all of the copy and paste).

While on a page, highlight the text that you want to share and click the Hootlet icon. The same compose message box will appear, this time with the highlighted text already included and an link to that page. All you have to do is click ‘send now.’

Media Sharing – Easily Share Instagram Photos, YouTube Videos and More

Downloading and uploading images to social media has never been simple, until now. Sharing visual media on social networks has been made seamless through Hootlet.

Learn how you can use Hootlet to easily share photos, videos and more in HootSuite University’s 3-minute walkthrough video.

A HootSuite button will now be present anytime you view an image on Google images, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram, the pillars of online visual media. A click of that button brings up a compose message pop-up, with the title of the image and an link to it already in place. To share with your followers, just hit send – and you’ll have done it without ever leaving the page. That quick process has also been integrated into YouTube, making the sharing of videos easier than ever before.

Take advantage of the information and media sharing opportunities provided by the Hootlet and keep all of your social followers engaged. Download Hootlet for Chrome today


Learn more about the power of the Hootlet.

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kevin spelman
kevin spelman 5pts

I use hootsuite to auto schedule posts  to my Linked in account, Google Plus, twitter,

and two separate facebook pages.  One facebook page is my personal page and the other is Modmedia (my business)
The problem seems to be that my friends on facebook get these scheduled posts three times on facebook. Once via my personal page, a second time because they "liked" my business page, and a third time because their twitter feed shows up on their facebook feed.
Do you know of a workaround to this issue?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@kevin spelman Hi Kevin!  Thanks for reaching out!  We might need to do some further troubleshooting with this to see why it's occurring!  As a first step I would recommend to ensure that none of your social profiles are being "pinned"  Here is how to unpin a social profile:

Should this not be the issue, please do reach out to us @Hootsuite_Help and we can further assist!


Sharin | @Hootsuite_Help

judchuks 5pts

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