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4 Content Management Systems That Will Help You Publish Like A Pro

Your content management system is the unsung hero of your content marketing strategy. If it’s efficient and effective, you barely notice it’s there. But if you’re a small business, managing your social media as well as all of your content, and  you’re spending your days struggling with the wrong tools… well, this post is for you. Knowing which content management system to use is essential. To give you a hand we have put together a list of 4 content management systems (that are also all available in the Hootsuite App Directory) to help you manage your content like a pro!

Here are 4 effective content management systems

1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website, and is a great platform for rich content like photos and videos. The platform allows users to post photos, videos, music, gifs and text as well as customize their pages. Users can follow other people on tumblr as well as make their posts private. Tumblr users can also chat and message other Tumblr users. The Tumblr app within Hootsuite allows you to post to your Tumblr blogs, view your blogs and the blogs you follow, and share posts to your social networks. Both Tumblr and the app within Hootsuite are free.

Key features of the Tumblr for Hootsuite app:

  • Share Tumblr posts to your social networks
  • Post to your Tumblr blogs – text, photo, audio, video, and links
  • Post and reblog to your Tumblr Queue
  • View your Tumblr blogs and the blogs you follow
  • View a stream of all your Likes in the dash

2. WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool. Once considered a go-to option for bloggers and small publishers, WordPress has grown into a true pro solution for self-hosting whole sites. Need proof?  As of January 2015, WordPress was in use on more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites. Notable users include CNN and UPS. Free within Hootsuite, you can connect your or site. means you are hosting your site on and means you are hosting your site on an external server and you have a custom URL.

To connect your site use the “add social network” function (just like adding Twitter or Facebook). As with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. There is also a Home Feed for blogs you are following, as well as the ability to reblog posts you think are noteworthy.

Content management systems - WordPress

If you’re connecting your account you will need to install the WordPress app via the Hootsuite app directory. The app allows you to view your pages and posts, create and edit pages and posts, view, add and moderate comments, share your pages and posts to social networks in Hootsuite.

WordPres Content Management System

Key Features of the app:

  • View your published and draft pages and posts
  • Create and edit pages and posts in stream; view pages and posts in draft state
  • View, add and moderate comments from the comments feed
  • Share your posts and pages to your social networks in Hootsuite
  • Email posts and pages from the dashboard
  • Multiple account support

3. Blogger

Blogger is a blogpublishing service that allows multi-user blogs. Owned by Google, it’s integrated with other Google products and is relatively easy to manage. Compared to WordPress, your Blogger site is essentially being rented to you and maintained by Blogger. Whereas with WordPress you own your site and have to maintain it yourself. Free within Hootsuite, the Blogger app allows you to monitor your Blogger pages and posts, create and edit posts, view comments, share your pages and posts to social networks in Hootsuite.

Blogger Content Management System

Key Features of the Blogger Hootsuite app:

  • View your published Blogger pages and posts
  • Create and edit posts in stream
  • View comments
  • Share your posts and pages to your social networks in Hootsuite and via email
  • Monitor multiple Blogs across multiple accounts

4. Kapost

Kapost is a Software Platform that organizes content marketing into a structured business process. It’s an excellent tool for task and content management. Within Hootsuite, in order to download the Kapost app, you need to have Hootsuite Pro,  and a Kapost account. The Kapost app for Hootsuite streamlines sending marketing content to and from social channels for social media managers and content marketers. Using the plug-in, easily send social content from Hootsuite to Kapost to kickstart ideation around a campaign. The app stream allows social media, content marketing, & social sales teams to view streams of “publish-ready” marketing content, filter the stream by job function/content type, and publish content to social networks.

Content Management System Kapost

Key Features of the Hootsuite Kapost app:

  • View and access your Kapost content library assets
  • Easily share from your content library across your social networks
  • Access new publish-ready content created by your marketing team
  • Send Twitter and Facebook updates to Kapost queue for content ideation

We hope the content management systems listed above helps you get started in managing your content more efficiently and effectively. If you’re a Hootsuite user, make sure to connect these content management systems to your dashboard, to start integrating your content and social media efforts. After all, creating and managing content is just the beginning, effective content promotion through social media will take your content to the next level.

Use these content management systems through Hootsuite.

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