Get More B2B Leads with These New LinkedIn Features

To help you stay up to speed on social and remain at the front of the class, we created a Back-to-School Kit for Social Media Managers. This kit features advice from social media experts that will help you master important new features and tactics for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Part one covers LinkedIn, but you can view the full kit here.

LinkedIn is exploding with growth and creating amazing new ways for B2B marketers to generate leads. Even my father (who recently wrote me an email asking HOW TO TURN HIS CAPITALS OFF) created an account and endorsed me for several skills.

To help you take advantage of LinkedIn’s massive reach, we reached out to Deanna Lazzaroni, the Global Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. Here’s what marketers and social media managers should master this fall.

Localize for more leads

Companies are seeing big wins with LinkedIn’s Direct Sponsored Content. You can amplify a white paper or blog post and have your content appear right in your prospect’s newsfeed. For even more precise segmentation, target prospects by region (such as CTOs in Mountain View) and experiment with different content formats such as articles, videos, and SlideShare decks.

“Members come to LinkedIn for inspiration. When publishing content, think about how you can help the person you are trying to reach succeed. That’s the real key to engagement.”

Deanna Lazzaroni, Global Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

Pretty content gets more attention

Deanna Lazzaroni asked her data team at LinkedIn to dig up some stats about which type of posts get more comments. The data suggests that “images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate.” Make sure you use images and add SlideShare presentations to your LinkedIn updates.

Earn extra marks for long-form content

Get more reach and extra traffic from your ideas by publishing long-form content right inside LinkedIn’s platform. Deanna Lazzaroni says that early success stories include members earning “speaking gigs and job opportunities from content published on LinkedIn.”

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