Image by Janne Moren via Flickr

Insurance And Social: All The Resources You Need In One Toolkit

A recent global survey by Accenture found that 48 percent of consumers would consider comments on social media when making insurance-buying decisions. While insurance companies know that social media offers new ways to generate leads and retain customers, there’s still a lot of complexity to figure out.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to help insurance companies navigate social media.

We’ve spoken to industry experts about compliance, interviewed forward-thinking insurance companies, and offered guidance for creating insurance-specific social media strategies.

Now, your organization can quickly learn how to capitalize on social media—including key security and compliance measures—with the help of our Insurance Toolkit.

Download this free resource-packed kit and discover:

  • The exact tactics leading insurance companies use to uncover social leads
  • Key data to help build the business case for social media
  • The innovative strategy Florida Blue Health Insurance uses to get real results from social