HootSuite Enterprise – Your Social Relationship Platform

Find out how HootSuite Enterprise helps global organizations harness the power of the social web.

All over the world, enterprises are using social technology to drive results in nearly every business function. More than just another marketing or customer support channel, social media has become a strategic asset for teams in sales, product development, IT, and other departments. Organizations are taking a managed, deliberate approach to social communications at an enterprise scale, and tapping into the real-time knowledge base of their employees, partners and customers.

HootSuite Enterprise is the world’s leading social relationship platform

  • Generate sales and revenue: Create and manage campaigns that deliver measurable business results.
  • Optimize your marketing and engagement: Connect effectively with your audience by sharing content to targeted demographics at optimal delivery times.
  • Execute secure social media strategies: Safeguard your employees from broadcasting unintended messages to branded accounts and secure your organization against social media disasters.

The cornerstone of this new approach to business is the social relationship platform (SRP), a secure and scalable environment for social communications across every department and device. As the world’s most popular social relationship platform, HootSuite Enterprise empowers global brands to integrate social technology into their core operations and strengthen the relationships that create real business value.

With HootSuite Enterprise, your organization can execute strategies for social selling, social customer service, social marketing and social media management across multiple networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Safely communicate with customers and prospects at more points of contact than ever before, then fuel your business decisions with actionable social data.

To learn more about how HootSuite Enterprise provides a secure platform for social business, request a demo today.