Photo by Sherman Geronimo-Tan.
Photo by Sherman Geronimo-Tan.

How many social networks do you use daily? With more and more social networks gaining in popularity and in value every year, it has become too much for some people to stay engaged. With that in mind, we asked our social media followers “What social network do you feel most guilty about ignoring?”

The response was very… inconclusive. Unsurprisingly, everyone has preferred social networks, for business and pleasure. As a result, our followers felt guilty about ignoring just about all of the popular networks evenly.

End of story, right? Not quite. Some of your answers did shed light on why certain networks were being ignored. We’ve gathered three broad reasons why you were neglecting social media offered solutions for each.

“They move too fast.”

Ignoring Social Networks 1

As you can see, Twitter specifically was singled out as being hard to keep up with, simply based on the sheer volume of Tweets rolling through hour after hour, day after day.

 Twitter is busy, that’s a fact. If you follow even 100 people, you’ll never be able to see every message that rolls through your news feed. But there are ways to sort through the information and find the gems that matter most to you or your business.

In HootSuite, create streams to follow user or keyword mentions to topics that matter most to you. Once there, you can further narrow the field by filtering your stream by Klout score. This will highlight Tweets by the biggest influencers on that subject, so you never miss big news or trends.

“I’m not taking full advantage.”

Ignoring Social Networks 3

This reason for ignoring social networks reappeared a few times. It’s not that you’re ignoring them as much as it is that you’re not taking full advantage of them. When people see the potential of a network but aren’t getting the utmost value out of it for whatever reason, be it a lack of time, resources or understanding, they’ll tend to ignore it in favour of networks that they are utilizing in full.

Taking full advantage of a social network depends on your goals. If you want to spread awareness, you’ll probably lean on the content aspects of a social network. If you want to drive leads, maybe paid social ads are your best option.

Once you’ve identified your goals, it’s about immersing yourself in the best practices for that specific social network. HootSuite’s social media coaches have created helpful guide for Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ve also put together white papers and guides for Google+, Twitter, Instagram and more. Dive into the available resources, learn best practices and integrate them into your existing social media strategy. It might take a bit of time, but with the right platform you should be able to commit to these networks without too much additional work.

“I Don’t Get It/Not For Me.”

Ignoring Social Networks 7

Ignoring Social Networks 4

The classic. With so many new networks emerging, it’s easy to feel out of the loop. We all know that Pinterest is great for foodies and fashion, but many struggle to see value for a regular company. We know LinkedIn is more than just a resume, but we don’t know how to use it.

The trick is to find the people and brands that do get it. If you’re interested in getting more involved on a social network, chances are that someone is already there doing it well. Monitoring competitors is one of the smartest things you can do on social media. It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t before you get involved.

Here are lists of brands doing great things on Pinterest, Vine, Twitter and Instagram Video.

Don’t Feel Guilty

No matter how you answered the question “What social network do you feel most guilty about ignoring?” the best attitude to take might be the following:

Social networks aren’t a zero sum game. They’re a commitment and they can be time-consuming, but everyone is out to accomplish different things and your efforts on each network should reflect those goals. Simplifying this process actually formed the foundation of HootSuite.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel guilty about ignoring a social network. If it’s in your best interest to use it, there are tools and resources available to help you make sure you’re not wasting your time. Social networks are here to stay, so find the ones that suit you best.

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Max 5pts

Unsurprisingly, everyone has preferred social networks, for business and pleasure.

Wrong! Not everyone. I don't use any social networking sites and neither does my wife. Never have, never will. In fact we're both looking forward to the day when all these sites are gone, then we will never have to look at those logos again. Every time I open a website I see them and I want to put my fist through the screen.

All I can say is "Go away and leave me alone".

Anne Whitmore
Anne Whitmore 5pts

Great post, Evan. I like your approach of aligning purpose and network to relieve yourself of social media guilt!

Ryan Kettler
Ryan Kettler 5pts

Very interesting responses Evan. I hear these from small business owners every day. 

Would you generally agree that B2C businesses should focus on Twitter and Facebook and B2B should focus on LinkedIn?

evanlepage moderator 5pts

@Ryan Kettler  Hi Ryan. I think that whether you're in B2B or B2C, each platform has something to offer. It's about approaching the platforms in the right way. Twitter, for example, is a great network for B2B companies looking to find influential individuals at specific companies. By monitoring their social messaging and activity, you can better identify the best person to reach out to for business. LinkedIn on the other hand is becoming a great content marketing tool, which has B2C implications. As long as you take into account the unique aspects of each network, there are advantages to engaging on all of them.

souravghosh 5pts

I understand the importance of various social media. I don't want to ignore any sites & want to best utilize their power for my niche. But somehow I feel disorganized and irregular. Working as a Solopreneur, I need some daily social media plan of action. But somehow I am not being able to manage. I'd love to read if you have any case study of a solopreneur who shared his/her social media strategy. 

LloydTordecillas 5pts

@souravghosh you can start with creating popular daily themes, such as Throwback Thursday, etc. Depends on how you want your company to viewed by the public in social networks, and how you want to impress your existing followers/customers.