Twitter 2011 Trends from What the Trend: Part 2 – Infographic

Trends are trending. 2011 was a milestone year for trending stories, viral ad campaigns and hashtag overuse (in an awesome way, of course). All of this was made possible by Social Media.

HootSuite has made an infographic showing the top trending brands of 2011. Data was compiled by What the Trend, a HootSuite Media company from over 500,000 trends which appeared on Twitter. The list was based on an algorithm that awarded points for the brand’s rank and duration spent on the top 10 list from HootSuite’s original Twitter 2011 trends infographic. Lists focused on the top trending topics in movies, US television, music artists (Justin Bieber tops the list!), sports, and world news.

What the Trend - Twitter 2011 Trends Part 2