Bridge the Gap Between Paid and Organic Social Media with Hootsuite and Kenshoo

If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you’ve been asked (more than once) to demonstrate the impact that your day-to-day social media posts have on the bottom line of the business.

To help you quantify how organic social media posts are affecting conversion and revenue goals alongside paid media and paid social media campaigns, Hootsuite has integrated with Kenshoo, a global leader in social advertising.

Social marketing managers and agency teams can use this integration to automatically add Kenshoo Social tracking parameters to organic posts sent from Hootsuite— including posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn—so that they can be compared side-by-side with the rest of their paid media campaigns.

Measure the impact of organic social media on conversion

Although paid social media campaigns offer robust metrics about how promoted posts performed, these insights are often analyzed separately from the performance of a brand’s organic social media activity.

With Hootsuite and Kenshoo, you can track the effectiveness of organic social posts to better understand—and quantify—how they contribute to sales and conversion goals.

Break down the silos between in-house and agency teams

For many organizations, the team managing a paid social media campaign is often separate from the one running the community management on a day-to-day basis.

With the integration of Kenshoo Social tracking technology into Hootsuite’s social publishing workflow, there’s more opportunity for in-house and agency social teams to collaborate and share insights across both the organic and paid social media strategies.

Make every ad dollar count

When running a paid social media campaign, you’re up against other marketers bidding for the same space. This integration allows teams to quickly gain insights from organic posts and optimize paid campaigns based on the real-time performance of organic social media posts to capitalize on the momentum.

Data-driven organizations can now benefit from enhanced tracking and the ability to compare organic social efforts alongside their paid media campaigns. Accor Hotels, for example, uses this integration across all their global teams.

“The integration between Hootsuite and Kenshoo is invaluable in enabling us to track performance metrics about our organic and paid social campaigns in one place. From our initial trials, we can already see that it will help us pinpoint useful insights and learnings to refine and optimize our campaigns and improve their overall performance,” said Romain Roulleau, Senior Vice President, e-Commerce at Accor Hotels.

The Hootsuite-Kenshoo integration is available to joint customers of Hootsuite Enterprise and Kenshoo. Request a demo here.

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