HootSuite Named as LinkedIn Certified Developer and Adds Company Pages, Groups and Job Search

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HootSuite for BusinessHootSuite is pleased to announce deeper LinkedIn® integration with the addition of LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups – along with Profiles – to the market-leading social media management system. The new tools will allow brands to easily and securely share company messaging on the popular social media network for business.

Further, LinkedIn announced HootSuite as a charter member on the new LinkedIn Certified Developer Program at the company’s Connect 11 conference held in New York City during Advertising Week.

LinkedIn to HootSuite

By using HootSuite to manage LinkedIn, companies will have the ability to pre-schedule updates, customize search columns, plus invite team members to participate in the conversation without sharing passwords.

Specifically, these features can help companies enhance sales lead generation and HR recruiting efforts by sharing professional expertise, publishing company status updates, and promoting job opportunities – all from a centralized, secure communications hub.

LinkedIn for HootSuite - dashboard
Companies can schedule, monitor outreach to their audiences securely and collaboratively

This software release will be especially useful for brands and companies looking for new ways to amplify their messaging and engage with industry-targeted audiences with these tools and tactics:

  • Post Company Page status updates
  • Read and post to Groups
  • Track Group discussions
  • View detailed Profile pop-ups
  • Search for Jobs in-stream

Social Recruiting

As companies seek to attract ideal candidates, they find that sharing company culture and brand personality are both critical to stand out from the competition for talent. PepsiCo is a HootSuite Enterprise client and explains opportunities created with the LinkedIn updates:

PepsiCo is proud to be an early-adopter of technologies that support engagement with our online community of consumers, employees and job seekers. HootSuite’s enhanced LinkedIn integration serves as yet another powerful tool for sharing about the people, culture and opportunities at PepsiCo, inviting dialogue and developing meaningful connections.”

Chris Hoyt, Talent Engagement and Marketing Leader at PepsiCo

Built for B2B

For companies operating in B2B markets – like HootSuite customer HP – these updates can help them demonstrate thought leadership via outreach to customers on LinkedIn company pages and groups.

HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, remarked about the opportunity introduced by these tools:

We look forward to seeing how leading companies like HP connect with their customers and communicate their brand message on LinkedIn. With HootSuite’s social media management system, HP can now actively engage and manage conversations with their 350K+ member audience from one simple tool”

Power Tools

LinkedIn for HootSuite - job search
Job seekers can search all listings by keyword and then save as a HootSuite stream
LinkedIn for HootSuite - group streams
Contribute to the conversation in LinkedIn Groups directly from HootSuite
LinkedIn for HootSuite - post to profiles
Use HootSuite to Update Profiles, Groups and Company Pages

Social Business

As a charter member of the LinkedIn Certified Developer Program, HootSuite will continue to build functionality for updating and monitoring LinkedIn channels including Company Pages, Groups and Profiles. You’ll also notice more information from LinkedIn Profile displayed in pop-ups within HootSuite making it easy to see education, past jobs and more about your contacts.

HootSuite also features deep integrations with Twitter and recently upgraded Facebook functionality to include search, geo-targeting, groups and photo upload.

This increased LinkedIn functionality rounds out the top three social networks and is demonstrative of HootSuite as a comprehensive social media management system for Enterprises, SMBs and organizations.

Get Started

LinkedIn in HootSuite will be available Thursday Oct. 6 to all HootSuite users including HootSuite Pro and Basic customers. Just login and start adding LinkedIn tools to your dashboard.

Try HootSuite Pro for Free

Access to the LinkedIn Company Page status update feature is available to select HootSuite Enterprise customers who apply for a private beta program via HootSuite LinkedIn page.

Learn more about HootSuite Enterprise

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Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks Suzanna, We're hoping to roll this feature out more widely in the near future as Linkedin expands their access.

Sookie Shuen
Sookie Shuen 5pts

Hi, I also notice one thing as well, as I was trying to post something into a LinkedIn group, I wasn't allowed to add in additional details to my discussions. Therefore I am always limited to 200 characters. Is there another way to include a separate discussion topic, with additional details and attaching a link to it?

Julia 5pts

I still can not access my LinkedIn company page.

From my understanding I should be able to connect to my groups and my company profile. However, the only thing I can access is my groups.

Any suggestions?

Suzanne 5pts

I tried adding this new feature to my dashboard, but the only LinkedIn option I have is to add my profile. When I clicked on the LinkedIn in Hootsuite link above, the webpage says that it's only available in beta mode to Enterprise clients. But this blog says that it is available to everyone starting Oct. 6.

I just want to be able to manage my LinkedIn company page from my dashboard, not my profile.

Andy 5pts

I have been waiting for this feature for ages! However it doesn't do everything that I had hoped for. LinkedIn groups have a Jobs tab where people should post job requirements so they don't appear in the discussions. This feature needs to include the option of posting to the job tab. Any chance of this?

Ethan 5pts

Hi, love that groups have been added, as I have three that I moderate. One question though: why do some show up when I connect my LinkedIn, and some don't? I have eight or nine groups that I'm a member of, and at least one does not show when I connect to LinkedIn. That one happens to be the most important one, of course. :) Any ideas why?


Miranda 5pts

Why are only some of my groups visible for scheduling posts? I am looking for one group in particular to schedule posts to and it is not on my list of available groups?

Antonin 5pts

I gotta ask, why does each group addition count as a separate network addition?

Antonin 5pts

That's amazing! I've been wanting to get more involved with linkedin (and stay away from their clunky groups interface)! Thanks !:)