Target the Right Audience with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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Social media moves fast—and we’re not just talking about the sheer volume of conversations. Social platforms are constantly making changes, which can make a marketer’s head spin. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn each made multiple changes in 2013 that will help vastly improve your social media marketing. Here’s how you can use one of those changes, LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages, to your advantage this year and beyond. We’ve also provided real-world examples of how brands are utilizing this feature for inspiration on how you can too.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: The Details

  • Allow companies with multiple brands or services to create separate pages for each entity, enabling them to target messages to separate audiences.
  • Analytics available on engagement, trends and the demographics of your followers.
  • You can create up to 10 Showcase Pages to branch off your company page.

How Brands are Using Showcase Pages:

The Hewlett Packard LinkedIn Showcase Page
The Hewlett-Packard LinkedIn Showcase Pages, listed in yellow on the right

Hewlett-Packard has Showcase Pages for each of its services such as HP Big Data, HP Cloud and HP Software (highlighted in the image above). Rather than updating all channels with the same information, Hewlett-Packard filters relevant news to each page, announcing product updates and sharing industry and company news that is relevant to that service.

How You Can Use Showcase Pages in 2014:

  • Determine if you really need them. Showcase Pages are beneficial if your company has multiple products or services that each have very distinct target audiences. If you have one or two products with pretty similar features and target audiences, it may not be worth adding a Showcase Page. Really think about your marketing messages and whether or not they need to be separated out.
  • Target the right audience. Showcase Pages allow your community to follow the pages that are of the most interest to them—don’t bombard them with all of your content. Instead of blasting out every company update on every channel, only share what will be relevant to each audience.
  • If your company produces content specifically for current customers, create a customer Showcase Page, invite your customers to join and promote engagement to really create a community. A page devoted to customers is the perfect place to share product updates, how-to blog posts and other content that will help people use your product or service effectively.