Are you feeling a little blue because your product is perceived as unexciting?

Don’t cry.

Just because it’s not a red Ferrari, the latest home brew, or a speeding, Blue Origin spacecraft doesn’t mean your brand voice has to be something people ignore.

Not. Even. Close.

For whatever you have to sell, promote, or market on social media… there’s always a backstory. Or think of your contributions to the local community. How about your company culture?

Whatever it is, there’s people running around the company, excited to create, sell, and talk about your products.

That’s often a great place to find the ways-and-means to excite your social media fans and followers.

The 12 ways to go from “ho-hum” to “hell yeah” on social

“The most boring thing in the world? Silence.” (Ah, okay, thanks for that Justin Timberlake)

So don’t be. Silent, that is.

Instead… speak, show, tell, entertain, mesmerize, and share.

For how your products help improve people’s lives. Social media is built for this, for your ‘boring’ toilets, paper clips, shower caps, white-out, insurance policies, and light bulbs.

There’s a voice and vibe for everything.

Let’s look at 12 ways.

1. Educate your audience

Or at least make them chuckle.

3M Canada did.

They’re the mastermind behind all things sticky. But what’s so exciting about Post-Its, Scotch tape, and Nexcare bandages?

Not much.

But when you’re recognized as an industry giant, with a wealth of information, you can set the rules.

3M Canada uploads entertaining and informative videos to its YouTube channel. Constantly.

Here’s one. You’ll snicker.

Q: What can you do to educate, inspire, or tell the backstory for your products or brand?

You’ve got it there, somewhere. Find the right people, with the right energy, tales, and perspectives to help your social followers give a darn.

2. Use what’s already popular

And ‘who’, too.


They paired up with super-futbol-star David Beckham for the ‘Violence Marks Forever’ YouTube, video campaign.

Beckham’s cameo was a hit— generating 190,000 responses on UNICEF’s social platform.

Quite a contrast from UNICEF’s previous ads for selling dirty water and its Likes don’t save lives campaign. Mix it up. Variety excites.

Don’t have deep pockets for a high-octane celebrity?

Fine. Hire a local influencer, with a small and dedicated audience.

You see this all the time where you live. On TV, buses, billboards, and buildings. Because it works. Same for social media.

3. Tell a story

Because everyone wants to fall in love, be the hero, villain, or curious bystander.

PayPal did.

By going from faceless to friendly.

They used photos of real people to combat their image as the faceless financial provider.

It worked. A 327 percent increase in engagement.

Popularized by Humans of New York, PayPal combined the visual with a thought-provoking story. For PayPal’s version, people share how they use the service to improve their personal life.

You getting inspired so far? Nice. Let’s keep going…

4. Be human

Sometimes, by just saying ‘gracias’.

Wikipedia does.

As you probably know, Wikipedia depends on charitable donations.

They regularly thank their Twitter followers for donations.

Q: Do ever you thank your spouse for some needed words of encouragement? A co-worker for getting back to you on time? The shopping clerk for cashing you out?

Of course you do. Why not show up the same way online?

Social media + asking for nothing = a human touch for your business.

I know, sometimes it’s just so simple. Yet we forget and neglect.

5. Be memorable

Because you really do have a personality. No matter what the others say.

Merriam-Webster does.

They’ve brought life to their brand on social media by sounding edgy and sassy.

Sassy gets attention. Here’s 13 sassy brands (wonder how I can break into this list?). Quick wits and humor will get you far on social media, by making a lasting impression. Squabbles, can work, too.

How will you unleash your inner sassy?

6. Promote your company culture

Because your product is just a slice of the whole.

Hootsuite does.

Funeral caskets. Now that’s something difficult to get excited about.

So then, do some ninja, hocus-pocus, end-around to drive attention elsewhere.

Show and tell something great about your work environment, your employees, or a proud and completed project. How about showing a slice of life at the office?

You could create a culture hashtag, like this one #HootsuiteLife.

7. Be useful

By sharing content that’s relevant to readers.

1-800-GOT-JUNK does.

The junk removal franchise publishes blog posts about how life in the home is better with less clutter.

Readers can learn how about home decor, maintenance, and renovation how-to’s. All relevant topics for getting rid of old things, to make room for new things.

Consider this an opportunity to position your business as an industry expert.

Blog posts aren’t social media posts, but so what. It’s all about doing the heavy lifting, so your readers don’t have to.

Dig deep, to help your audience understand the real value of your goods.

8. Create a series

And make it epic.

Blendtec does.

They made a boring blender a cultural icon with the Will it Blend? video series.

They’ve got videos of blenders munching on toilet flushers, yard rakes, video cameras, magnets, and Justin Bieber. All hosted by a zany, mad scientist.

Watch this iPhone get demolished!

Surely, if they can create a prince from such a frog, you can, too.

Schedule a meeting, show this video series, brainstorm your way to brand stardom.

The more boring your product, the better it will look when you dress it up just right.

9. Be a show off

So people can see your goods in action.

General Electric did.

GE makes jet engines for 747s (yeah, that GE, the appliance manufacturer).

They showed off how their engine powers the world’s fastest ferry on their portal. Sixty-seven MPH, carrying 1,000 passengers, and 150 cars.

The made a YouTube video, too.

That’s some serious vrooooom.

And worthy of some social attention.

10. Run a poll

Charmin did.

Here’s a couple of them.

Anything more boring than toilet paper?

But add some creative scenarios, questions, and hashtags and you’ve got yourself a winner.

In other words…

Dream big while on the seat (#TweetFromTheSeat)

Charmin sure does.

11. Don’t take yourself so seriously

The Gainesville Police Department doesn’t.

Police departments aren’t known as the most captivating of personalities.

Far from it. They’re, serious, official, to-the-point. Makes sense when there to protect and serve.

But whoever runs Gainesville Police Department’s social media missed that point. They use humor and jokes to penetrate people’s hearts.

12. Convert tragic to magic

To go from serious to meritorious.

The Worldwide Breast Cancer Organization (WBCO) did.

Fundraising is hard. You’re not actually selling anything. Plus, some topics are just difficult for people to think about.

Yet some succeed anyway. Beautifully.

The WBCO did with their #KnowYourLemons campaign on Twitter and Facebook, spreading awareness for breast cancer symptoms and fundraising.

Bet that hashtag and visual caught your attention.

Along with this one, too, by staying active on social media.

It sure did for the WBCO’s audience.

They exceeded their fundraising target by 317 percent. While saving lives and spreading awareness.

And… encouraging women to check their “lemons.” Regularly

Don’t be a bore-snore with your products.

As you can see, there’s always room for sassy, witty, truth, depth, lightness, and other back stories for your boring product.

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