Reach Magazine writes about CEO’s disheveled ginger hair (and also HootSuite)

Reach Magazine with HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes

The new issue of Reach Magazine features Boys Co, Carlie Wong and HootSuite complete with mug shot on the front cover and a “day in the life of Ryan Holmes” narrative inside.

The article: “The Who’s Who of HootSuite” by Melissa Welsh delves into the day-to-day events of a start-up company from early wake-ups to constant connectedness plus sheds light on Ryan from his attire to yogic practice with at least 2 mentions of his hair ;-):

When Ryan Holmes rolls over in his bed in the morning, regaining consciousness from an unusual lapse of solitary respite, instead of stretching a lazy limb to grasp a cup of coffee like most morning inefficient people, his fatigued fingers clasp his iPhone. They rest but for a moment, until they jump into action typing, checking email.

Tumbling out of bed, the tweet update is the next item of business, even before as much as a morning bite or sip of herbal infused tea. With Holmes’ dog Mika in tow, the pair take a quick jaunt down the streets of downtown Vancouver’s east-side and enter the doors of Invoke media’s trendy work studio, just off Dunlevy Avenue, to begin the already started work day. Their entrance diverts my eyes from the black, blue and white art graffiti on the walls of the foyer.

We sit in one of the office’s boardrooms; the walls and table are white. Holmes sits in front of me, dressed in a red plaid shirt and jeans. A baseball hat dons his head, covering a crop of slightly disheveled ginger hair.

Even though his days are filled with navigating the convoluted and interconnected roads of the virtual social networking hemisphere, he seems at ease. Perhaps it’s a bought of clarity that he managed to hold onto from his yoga session the night before.

Not only does Ryan’s dog Mika get name-checked but also manages to get in the photo – peering out the window keeping a close eye on the proceedings. Ms. Welch goes on to explain about HootSuite features like admin/editor control, integration points beyond Twitter including Facebook, a list of recent awards and some solid quotes from ‘Tenacious R.’

Ryan Holmes at HootSuite HQ with dog Mika
Ryan Holmes at HootSuite HQ with dog Mika

The software’s universal usability has caused HootSuite to take home a number of notable awards. This past year alone, HootSuite has won Mashable’s Open Web Award for Best Twitter App, a Shorty Award for Best Application, and most recently a Canadian New Media Award for Best Social Media Application. The software was also finalist in the prestigious 2009 Forrester Groundswell Awards.

“It’s such an honor,” Holmes said, taking his hat off to rake his fingers through his tousled hair. “I think we have pretty good gut instincts on stuff.”

But even though Invoke may seem to be doing impossibly well, Holmes knows even award winning companies will always be in a competitive process. Sitting at the sleek white table, leaning forward, this rather inconspicuous-looking man is actually a tenacious businessman.

“It’s all been grinding,” Holmes said, adding that while the company’s reputation helps, you as an entrepreneur have to make things happen. “Nothing is owed to you, you have to earn things.”

Download the entire Reach Magazine issue to learn more about Ryan and Melissa’s conversation about the behind-the-scenes happenings at HootSuite.