#HootSuite Reaches 2 Million Owl Milestone and Releases #Infographic

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Milestone for Social Media

We can’t help but feeling like we hit the 1 million milestone just months ago… likely because HootSuite grew to 2 million sign-ups just 7 months after achieving the seven digit threshold in Nov. 2010 ~ whew. We managed to keep up this pace by listening carefully to how the wide range of customers are using HootSuite – whether for business or pleasure – and adding the tools to help you meet your objectives.

Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts, ideas and opinions and especially to all of you who told your friends and colleagues about your “secret weapon” – you make our jobs remarkable.


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Social Trends

To identify trends between types of users, we keep a careful eye on data. So last week, we crunched a massive batch of information to share some compelling trends in a new infographic. This time, we analyzed patterns between Business and Consumer users on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles, and Linkedin. You’ll notice some visible differences in patterns plus, when compared to the 1 million user infographic, more usage on the mobile tools.

Social Media Networking
HootSuite 2 million milestone infographic – click for fullsize

Release Round-up

Since reaching 1 million sign-ups, we’ve kept the throttle pinned with a collection of updates carefully designed to help teams manage social media effectively and efficiently. The reaction from the Owls all over the world make the late nights and stacks of empty pizza boxes entirely worthwhile – when we pause to reflect at least.

Here are a few HootSuite release highlights since Nov. 2010:

  • Social Analytics – integrated report modules including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights
  • Publisher – a calendar planner view to help manage complex campaigns
  • Affiliate Program – helping wise Owls earn money from their evangelism
  • Translations – more crowd-sourced languages on mobile and web
  • Keitai – a unique version for the unique Japanese “feature” phones
  • White Papers – a 5-part series about measuring ROI of social
  • Japan – celebrating 1 year since release of the localized dashboard
  • Spanish – fully localized on all platforms for 20+ countries
  • Mobile-fest – Blackberry & Android added Facebook, Linkedin & Foursquare
  • URL choices – .Li from Liechtenstein in the the new .Ly from Libya
  • Security – Secure Profiles, Limited Accounts, HTTPS  to keep profiles safe
  • HootBar – an acquisition of TwitterBar adds a new tool for Firefox
  • Facebook Pages – do more in the stream including deleting and commenting
  • HootTips – a series of handy tips for rocking the dashboard
  • HootUps – meet other Hootfans in your area from Ecaudor to Australia
  • App Directory – started with the addition of ning with more to come
  • Chrome App – utilize the power of Google’s browser for native Hooting
  • Batch Scheduling – up to 50 messages uploaded in one fell swoop
  • Open ID – a cure for log-in-itis with options for Google, Yahoo and more
  • Facebook Insights – measure impact and interaction in the biggest network

Playing a Role

Along with the software releases, we found ourselves in the midst of world affairs including civic unrest in Egypt (as well as Syria and Suadi Arabia) and arriving at SXSW just as the earthquake/tsunami/etc. hit Japan. Along with our intrepid panelists from Japan, we raised some money and watched as our tool helped others locate loved ones and find assistance.

Flying On

Amidst all the consolidations, acquisitions and changes in the marketplace, we are proud to keep leading the way with unique features and thoughtful improvements. As the first social media dashboard, HootSuite has helped define new ways of understanding how social media tools and tactics can be applied to small and enterprise business, political campaigns, government management, civic revolutions, emergency response or just connecting with friends about hobbies you enjoy.

With a heaping handful of networks already in the dashboard, look for more connections and tools to come as we are aren’t slowing down. What’s next? Chime in at the Feature Request Channel to make sure your wishes are on the list.

Again – Thank you for being part of our culture.

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Justin 5pts

To me, the inforgraphics were interesting. It comes to around 125 messages sent on average per profile. Many places would LOVE a conversion rate like that.

DiTesco 5pts

Outstanding job. Since I started using HS, I never let go of the app. It is incredibly easy to use, got lots of features and even the "complimentary" account is priceless. No surprises that you hit the 2 million mark. Now off to 3 :) Congrats

Blog de Computacion
Blog de Computacion 5pts

Hootsuite informan en una infografia que han llegado a la cifra de 2 millones de usuarios...

Las personas  en  Hootsuite informan en una infografia que han llegado a la cifra  de 2 millones de usuarios de su suite para administrar redes sociales, este es un logro muy importante, ya que 8 meses antes de llegar  a la cifra de 2 millones habían l...

Grüner strom
Grüner strom 5pts

Good job! I absolutely love this. Infographics define the designer, I think!

ajmal 5pts

Congrats Hootsuite for this great achievement!! we always support you.

basecandy 5pts

Congrats, what an amazing achievement.

Franco Sconto
Franco Sconto 5pts

Congratulations to the HootSuite team. This is a great achievement, and HootSuite given us a lot! Not let's look for the 10 million benchmark. ;-)!!!

Denise 5pts

If only you had a telephone number where customers could reach you!!!

Peter 5pts

Congrats for the achievement

tatami 5pts

thanks,great achievements.

Randy Morrow
Randy Morrow 5pts

Congratulations on such significant growth. I new to Hootsuite and looking forward to learning how to use it to the fullest.


Tatiana 5pts

Me alegro!!! Y que sigamos creciendo, me siento parte de ustedes...

All the best!

Steve 5pts

Hootsuite is an amazing tool, now that I use it I can't ever imagine being without it!

Hesham 5pts

Congratulations for the great achievements!

Natalie Sisson
Natalie Sisson 5pts

Big congrats to Ryan and the whole awesome team at Hootsuite. I've been on board from near the beginning and love seeing your app go from strength to strength. I recommend it in all my Social Media Bootcamps and to all my clients. Love it!

Just fix that bug when you're trying to link a Facebook Page to your account - quite often throws you off

Metz 5pts

Geeat job guys !

So now, what about the Google+ integration into our social networks hootsuite list ? :-)

Alex 5pts

That's a real good job! Congrats!