HootSuite Opens Affiliate Program to 1.4 Million Users for more Social Networking

By Dave Olson | 5 years ago | 5 Comments

HootSuite Affiliate Program for EveryoneSocial Media Management

Since launching the HootSuite Affiliate Program, we’ve seen tens of thousands of new sign-ups come from the creative campaigns our Pro users have created all over the world. But we’ve found that many more fans of the dash want to share the HootSuite story and earn rewards for their evangelism as well.

Well Hoot-Fans, today HootSuite is inviting all registered users to join the Affiliate Program too!

Sharing is Earning

More than 95% of HootSuite users find that all the features they need in HootSuite are provided with the Basic (free) Plan – and they are already telling their friends and colleagues about the power of the Owl. We’re always thrilled to see you sharing the Hoot-love, so we’ve opened up the Affiliate program — now everyone can turn promotion into profits by spreading the word about HootSuite Pro and Enterprise Plans, as well as HootSuite University.

To get started, simply register as an Affiliate and use the collection of banners, badges and links to promote HootSuite on all your channels. For every premium plan that signs up from your link – or free account that upgrades within 60 days – you’ll receive a portion of their first payment. The more owls, the more money!

Helpful Hoot Tools

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to visit your Affiliate dashboard to track your campaigns. You’ll find a variety of banners with campaign links and affiliate codes ready to go, as well as some additional resources to help you promote HootSuite on your sites, blogs and social networks, plus share via IM/chat, and opt-in email lists.

Sample Banner Ad for the HootSuite Affiliate Program

Ready to go? Activate your Affiliate Account and start monetizing your social media now. Once you’ve accumulated $100 in commissions, you’ll receive payment to your Paypal account. Need more help? See the Affiliate article on the HootSuite Help Desk.

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Sean P Fullerton
Sean P Fullerton 5pts

Wow, great idea. You could potentially have 1.4 million people working as affiliates for you! Great marketing hook and i like the command centre console. It shouldn't be too hard to promote either, it's a great little piece of kit

Taddeo 5pts

Awesome idea. The affiliate "command center" is awesome and uber easy to use. Great work (yet again) hootsuite!

Craig Sunney
Craig Sunney 5pts

Thats quite some affiliate programme! 1.4 million. Your system rocks anyway so i'm sure it will be a hit.