HootSuite for Android + iPhone = Social Media on the GO

By Dave Olson | 6 years ago | 127 Comments

Converse and compose on the go with HootSuite for Android and iPhone – in Full or Lite versions

Despite worldwide adoration, the HootSuite iPhone App seemed a bit lonely. So the thoughtful developers went back to the factory to build more robots including HootSuite for Android. In fact, they had so much fun, they made Lite (free) robots too.

With 4 versions to choose from, HootSuite is now a big, happy, mobile robot family.

Android + iPhone = HootSuite Mobile Love

HootSuite for android and iPhone

Now Google Android device users can enjoy the fun Apple iPhone users rave about, including:

  • Managing multiple identities and accounts
  • Creating custom views for tags and searches
  • Understanding reasons for trending topics
  • Scheduling messages for the future
  • Adding followers to lists and accounts
  • Sharing photos and shortening URLs

Already using HootSuite on the web? Tight integration means a single import gets you rolling so you are synced up on-the-go, and at your desk, with help from a powerful wizard.

Cheap or Free – your choice

HootSuite Lite for AndroidSimple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite for Android and iPhone are available in Lite version at no cost from the Android Market and Apple App Store respectively. Yes, gratis, put your checkbook away – free. We knew you’d like that.

Need more power? No problem. The full-featured versions allow as many accounts as you desire (Lite is limited to 3) plus on-board click-through statistics tracking to see what’s working in (almost) realtime.

Plus HootSuite Android version includes a few new tricks including background notifications so messages keep on coming even when you browsing elsewhere – Better to let the robots do your work, right?

Lite Version for iPhone Go Sideways with Facebook

Current HootSuite iPhone customers will be first to get their fingers on App version 1.2 which includes two highly-requested additions: Facebook integration and landscape view – allowing you to enjoy your friends’ musing and snapshots in full splendor – and it’s just around the corner. Of course, HootSuite iPhone also works for iPod Touch.

Recap the Robot Family

HootSuite for Android – $1.99 from Android Market – includes stats and unlimited accounts
HootSuite for Android Lite – free from Android Market – limited to 3 accounts
HootSuite for iPhone – $1.99 from Apple App Store – includes stats and unlimited accounts
HootSuite for iPhone Lite – free from Apple App Store – limited to 3 accounts

More Robot Love Sing along with “Robots” by Dan ManganRobots need love too ~ and they want to be loved by you.”

Scan the QR Code with your Android powered handset to find HootSuite in the Android Market:

Hootsuite for Android QR Code


HootSuite™ is a trademark of HootSuite Media, Inc.
Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.
iPhone® and iPod touch® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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Steve | Android Tablets
Steve | Android Tablets 5pts

That's quite a good news. I was waiting for Hootsuite for iPhone although I am already using it for Android. Request you to allow the free access to 5 accounts rather than just 3.

Pau 5pts

I don't see the photos on FB wall when I publish them with HootSuite for Android, but a link (ow.ly...)

buckle 5pts

Blackberry might just need to reinvent itself with the competition from droid and apple,business people will need the apps sooner rather than later.

iphone 5
iphone 5 5pts

Any chance this will work with android 1.5 or is this going to be an Android 1.6 or higher deal?

Ina Seipel
Ina Seipel 5pts

Hey there, You've done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I'm sure they'll be benefited from this site.

Adrian | Diseño web en málaga de calidad
Adrian | Diseño web en málaga de calidad 5pts

Of course Android forever. It is the system of the future, much more intuitive and ingenious. I do not doubt it. This post explains very well the characteristics of both systems. greetings.

Cherisse 5pts

So, it seems that Android app only supports Twitter and Facebook? Will Foursquare and other social networks be available soon?

abogados cordoba
abogados cordoba 5pts

I am also using an HTC Hero and I am experiencing the same “Empty Mentions Tab”. Thank you Dave for Replying on Andi’s comment with the link to the Android Forum.

Swami 5pts

Without widget it is a handicap in android, any plans to introduce widgets and support for linked in?

hh gregg
hh gregg 5pts

I am also using an HTC Hero and I am experiencing the same "Empty Mentions Tab". Thank you Dave for Replying on Andi's comment with the link to the Android Forum. A lot of good information to be found there.

Darrel Christianson
Darrel Christianson 5pts

Blackberry is old school ;) smart phones are the future. Blackberry has stability but once smart phones stop crashing (lol), good bye Blackberry!

Darrel Christianson
Darrel Christianson 5pts

Cant be that... I'm on the new Samsung Galaxy S and it's not in my market either... only the lite version. Too bad, cause I'll pay for sure!

Andi Darmik
Andi Darmik 5pts

my Mentions Tab is empty, nothing. Just empty avatar and no text. the notification said null or something. Using HTC Hero with Eclair ROM

Diseño Web
Diseño Web 5pts

I have 1.6 and still don’t see it in the market? Anyone know why this might be occurring?

Greg L.
Greg L. 5pts

Any idea when Hootsuite Android paid app will include Facebook support? Will it happen on Oct 11th when you consolidate to just 1 app version?

Marcus 5pts

I agree and have been syaing the same thing to all my friends who love their blackberry. RIM need radically overhaul the current OS for Blackberrys. Its dated and is really holding back this device now. I guess their argument will be that the BB has better battery life and greater dtaa compression because of their old and dusty OS. But is no wonder that hootsuite and other apps on iphone and abdroid simply arent worth porting to BB.

Rick 5pts

Yes, I have android 2.2 and it closes all the time! I can't get any work done. I paid 2.99 for nothing. I know it's only 3 bucks, but still, I paid for it........it should work.

Norman 5pts

Blackberry might just need to reinvent itself with the competition from droid and apple,business people will need the apps sooner rather than later.

Android Blog
Android Blog 5pts

Very pleased! So far I'm loving the app, thank you! My Droid keeps getting better and better.

symbianuser 5pts

Waiting for a Symbian version. I hope this will be the next step.

Jack 5pts

Unfortunately, I just can't get this app to work on a Droid Eris (with Android 2.1) It continually force-quits :( I love Hootsuite in the desktop, and I'd love being able to use it on my phone. For now I'll have to settle for Seesmic :(

Scalf 5pts

Not sure why hootsuite feels it necessary to avoid blackberry. Are Do they lack the expertise to make it work? It is easy to make things for a toy like the iphone. May be time to switch to a new app.

Brodie 5pts

Will you ever make a blackberry app?!?

Erik 5pts


Does anyone have any idea when the Facebook integration will happen? Is there a beta we can try out?

Steve 5pts

No love for the Blackberry equals no mobile use for the business community. Whats up with that?

Joshua Wood
Joshua Wood 5pts

Agreed on Blackberry, the only thing preventing several of my clients from using HootSuite is the lack of a blackberry App.

BarneyC 5pts


Unfortunately Ian the Euro HTC Hero is still stuck quite firmly at 1.5 as is are all branded versions including the Sprint Hero in the US.

Whilst we may have been long promised the upgrade HTC have gone very very quiet over the last month and the HTC suggested release date has passed.

That said rooting an HTC Hero and throwing a ported 2.x ROM on it isn't that hard.

Kody 5pts

Very glitchy on the Droid Eris. Wants to force close on almost every thing I try and do. Plus, I second Facebook option. Don't tweet very much but Facebook would be awsome.

Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton 5pts

Loving the application on the HTC Hero, but one pretty big bug: when I send a DM to someone who's not yet following, instead of rejecting the message, the application keeps trying to send it over and over and over again. This is in the light version. I'm also wondering if hashtags should be opening up search windows, because that doesn't seem to work, either. Hope these are easy fixes, because they rest of the app is a dream.

stefan 5pts

Hallo, will there be an android up supporting facebook?

BananaSoft 5pts

Where's the love for BlackBerry?

Kristiweb 5pts

It's on market for the HTC hero now and I am soooo happy. *POW*

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson 5pts

has anyone been able to find it in the market using a t-mobile my touch 3g?

KBrosnihan 5pts

Mobile Love??? Not Really considering there is NO BLACKBERRY APP available. :( Blackberries were 5 of the top 10 smartphones sold in 2009! Is there a Blackberry App on the way????? PLEASE????

Blackberry Storm 2 Please! Then we can call it Mobile Love.

Andreas 5pts

Not available on Acer Liquid (Donut /1.6) in Belgium. A pity, I'm using Hootsuite a lot on my desktop computer.

bill johnsen
bill johnsen 5pts

Just downloaded and like the Droid app. Cannot find how to add Facebook feed. Coming with an update or am I just missing something?

Nicky 5pts

I have an LG Eve android and it's not appearing in my market either:( I scanned the QR Code which took me to a link and when I clicked on it hootsuite didn't exist. It's my main twitter client so I hope it will work soon:(

Arvid 5pts

Loving the app! Damn, great app with great features! I don't really miss the widget. Have used all the other apps (twidroid, tweetcaster, twicca, seesmic, touiteur) and none is as good as hootsuite. The best part of it all... this is just the first version :)

Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald 5pts


Thank you very much for the reply. I understand that there are likely API hooks in 1.6+ that you need that aren't available in 1.5 and I admire that you are working to find a way past those. I look forward to your update (or even better an HTC update).

jrsanfeliu 5pts

Very Nice and Useful Application! The best twitter client i've used in my HTC Magic !!! Congratulations

Ryan Lucia
Ryan Lucia 5pts

Dang, no love on the Samsung Moment then either. Sucks until the firmware update. I guess I can let others suffer through the initial bugs, and I'll stick with Seesmic.

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson 5pts

I have 1.6 and still don't see it in the market? Anyone know why this might be occurring?

Alex 5pts

I have Android 1.6 but I can't find the app in the market. It is possible to download it from web and then install on my Android?

Ian 5pts

@Brian Fitzgerald

You need to have at lease 1.6 in order to see this app in the market, Sprint Hero is 1.5 nand the Eruo HTC Hero should be up to 2.0 or 2.1 by now...

I hope this helps...

MJOwens 5pts

Thank You!!! My robot is alive IT'S ALIVE! No widget though? That's cool, maybe in a future version.

Christine 5pts

Hi there,

I'm with the Microsoft Developer User Research team. I am currently seeking mobile app devs to participate in a study. The researchers are interested in learning about people who develop mobile applications and how they are the different or the same as developers who code for the desktop. They will be looking for opportunities where Microsoft can make the mobile development experience better.

I came across Hootsuite and thought I would reach out and see if you or someone you know would be interested in participating. If so (or if you know someone who may be) please email devur@microsoft.com with "mobile App Dev” in the subject line.

Those who participate in the study receive a choice of valuable Microsoft hardware/software/game- more importantly-the opportunity to provide feedback on software that directly affects the dev world.

Any help is greatly appreciated-thank you for your consideration.

Christine Alluise