Are You Boring Your Social Media Followers?

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Social media allows people to pick and choose want they want to see and who they want to follow. If you’re trying to maintain a social media following, it’s essential that you remain engaging and entertaining.

Often, people fall into a routine of posting specific types of content and the same times day in and day out. If you get stuck in this rut, you risk isolating your followers who won’t hesitate the hit that easily accessible “unfollow” button.

Here’s a quiz to help you determine whether you might be boring your followers, and what you can do to turn things around:

How many times do you post on Twitter per day?

What kind of topics do you post about?

Has your Twitter following grown over the last month?

How often do your posts receive engagement (likes, shares, retweets, favourites or replies)?

Do you use images and videos in your posts?

If someone mentions you, how often do you respond?

What kind of audience are the majority of your posts relevant to?

How many of your posts are original content?

Would you follow your own account?

Would you like your social media doppelgänger to be a man or a woman?

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In the "Bill Nye" response, the incorrect "you're" is used in the second sentence.


In the "Taylor Swift" response, the incorrect "you're" is used in the second sentence as well.

-Other Grammar Nerd


In the "Tina Fey" response, the incorrect "you're" is used in the second sentence. 

-Grammar Nerd


Mine was Lena Dunham. Who is Lena Dunham? I will Google her.


At the question how often i receive engagements, there is no alternative between 'rarely' and 'half the time'. I want to be honest, so i cannot answer this question and therefore i quit this page. It might be an idea to be more careful in stating options, perhaps give numbers: once a month, once a week, daily, 2-5 times a day.