#HootTip: Enabling Auto-Initialing in #HootSuite

By Sam Milbrath | 2 years ago | 6 Comments

The HootSuite dashboard is packed with features and tools designed to simplify your social media management. And we’re always adding more. To help you get acquainted with the various functionality (or just give you a refresher), here’s a #HootTip highlighting a handy way to help manage your social media team.

Initialing Made Easy

With multiple users tweeting over a single corporate profile, social media teams are facing new challenges. How do you differentiate each voice to add some personality behind the brand, and how do you provide accountability?

One solution is to initial tweets to clearly identify which team member is posting on behalf of the brand. HootSuite’s built-in Auto Initialing, available to Pro customers, is a convenient tool that pre-populates each tweet (or social message) with initials at the end.

Auto Initialing adds the following value to your audience and your team:

  • Personality: Helps individual voices to shine through and injects personality into social.
  • Accountability: Allows community managers to keep track of who tweeted which update.
  • Familiarity: Emphasizes – and differentiates – the human identity behind the tweets.

For example, building a trusting relationship with brand ambassadors is important for social customer service.

Here’s How to Enable and Add Auto Initialing

To enable the Auto Initialing feature:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.13.59 PM

  1. In your HootSuite dashboard, select Settings from the side menu and select Account.

  2. The popup window should open to the Profile page. Under the Initials box, enter the team member’s (or your own) initials.

  3. Next, check the Auto initial when composing messages? box.

  4. Save Account Info and you’re all set.

Now that you’ve enabled Auto Initialing, your HootSuite social message box is automatically populated with your initials, ^SM, for example.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new #HootTip – they’re short, sweet and Re-Tweetable so you can share your HootSuite expertise with your friends and followers.

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Jonathan Halterman
Jonathan Halterman 5pts

It would be awesome if we can have an option that forces auto-initialing and lower the maximum tweet size respective to their initials. The maximum tweet size is normally 140 characters, we would want to lower that limit from within Hootsuite by 4 to always include " ^jh", for example. This way anybody posting on behalf of the organization is clearly identified in every case.

Thanks for the consideration.

Kristina 5pts

what if I want to only auto-initial on one account?

Janenne 5pts

Thanks for the 'how to' article...is there a way to enable auto initialing using the Hootsuite iPhone App?

dona 5pts

this is a basic question that comes before the initialing post. how does a team member have their own log in yet post to the teams sites? or if they don't then how to you set different initials for each team?

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Auto-initial is not available for iPhone at this time.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

At this time, just one set of initials per user is available.