Best Social Media Tool ~ HootSuite Wins #MashableAward

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 25 Comments

HootSuite wins Mashable Award for Best Social Media Management Tool

The new year has just barely hatched and we already have big award news to announce: HootSuite is the winner for Best Social Media Management Tool at the Mashable Awards.

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes was on hand Thursday night at the Cirque du Soleil Zumanity theater at the New York New York Hotel to receive the award. Shortly after receiving the award on stage, he tweeted:

Honored to pick up a #mashableawards tonight for HootSuite.Honored to pick up a #mashableawards tonight for HootSuite.

Ryan Holmes wears HootSuite's Mashable Award
Ryan Holmes proudly wears HootSuite’s Mashable Award

Immediately after the announcement, hundreds of HootSuite fans chimed in with congratulations – special thanks to each of you for your kind words.

Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit
Pete Cashmore of @mashable

This award is especially meaningful to us for two key reasons:

First, Mashable is among the most highly-regarded social/web/tech news sources anywhere plus enjoy over 30 million views each month – of which we are several. Their clout in the industry is well-earned and we’re always pleased when they pick-up HootSuite news and share our story, and their opinions.

Secondly, the Mashable Awards (formerly Open Web) are based on community votes, which means we have our many Hoot-fans to thank for nominating and voting for us. We are truly grateful that you enjoy hooting with us. We’ll keep listening, adding new tools and continuing on this path for 2011 and beyond!

Check out some recent HootSuite mentions on the Mashable blog over the past year:

HootSuite Goes Freemium

HootSuite has just joined the ranks of websites like Flickr, Vimeo and Pandora: It’s unveiled a freemium business model that’s tiered and tailored for all kinds of users.

HootSuite Gives Groups More Twitter and Facebook Tools

For teams who use Facebook and Twitter for business or organizations purposes, HootSuite has rolled out a slew of new features for assigning and sharing tasks.

HootSuite Adds Support for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter Lists

One of our favorite tools for the powerhouse Twitter userHootSuite — just got even better. In a massive update, the free web service has added support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Lists.

Thanks for your Thoughts

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We want to offer thanks again to all the enthusiastic owls that voted for this Mashable Award as well as for your support for the recent accolade from Canadian New Media Awards.

If you are keen to keep helping us keep spreading the love, take some time to share reviews and votes around the social web. And thanks again to @mashable.

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Ray Wong
Ray Wong 5pts

Congratulations on the Mashable Award! The city of Vancouver is proud of your success!

Bill Risser
Bill Risser 5pts

Congrats HootSuite team! I've been promoting HootSuite to local real estate professionals for over a year, and this award confirms my actions!!

Douglife 5pts

Wow a Mashable award! Top notch work guys! It's a tough market out there, and you're doing your part! Thanks!

Chantal Sukel
Chantal Sukel 5pts

I have the exact same picture: yes it fits :P Congratulations on your achievement! Hope the Mashable Award made it home OK, ours survided the flight back to Amsterdam. Heavy, isn't it!

Chantal Sukel


T.J. 5pts

Congrats to you and your team Ryan. A friend of ours first introduced us to HootSuite back at Wordcamp Phoenix 2009 we switched from TweetDeck and liked Hootsuite better right away. Cool to see the choice we made was backed by other votes than ours.

Anne Weiler
Anne Weiler 5pts

Awesome and well deserved! Congrats!

Kathy Catoe
Kathy Catoe 5pts

Congratulations! You get my vote! I consistently recommend Hootsuite for managing social media profiles and communication.

Quora 5pts

Should I choose Hootsuite or Seesmic?...

Hootsuite is the best, I've used every tool including Seesmic, tweetdeck etc. Btw, they just won the Mashable Awards for Best Social Media Tool. Congrats to My Buddy Ryan Holmes, #hootsuite CEO fellow #summitseries for winning #MashableAward Best Soci...

Jawad A.
Jawad A. 5pts

I am really glad to be one of the owls and one of the HS teams. HootSuite is the best and will remain the best, simply because of the good intention to provide the best, and also because of the passion for social networking. Kindly hooting, lovely HootSuite.

Amybeth Hale
Amybeth Hale 5pts

BIG congrats to you guys from the sourcing community! There are many of us who simply love HootSuite and we are super excited to have Ryan join us in NYC in February for our SourceCon NYC conference. You certainly deserve this award for all your hard work to provide not just things we wanted, but things we NEEDED, to consolidate a lot of our social media activities. Thank you - and congratulations!!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your kind words and continued support Amybeth.

Timothy Serrano
Timothy Serrano 5pts

Congratulations, HootSuite! Local Vancouver talents are on the rise. You make us look good!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks Timothy, – We're very proud to carry on the tradition of Vancouver awesomeness.

Daniel 5pts

Congrats, mates! :)

Chris 5pts

Congratulations guys! Looks like HootSuite is joining the big leauges...Your product makes it a breeze to integrate all my social media hang out....Thanks!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Oh yeah, big leagues! White baseballs in batting practice and everything ;-)

Nida 5pts

Hi HootSuite team,

First of all congrats of such a success. New year has just started and you guys are already on the way to success, thats great.

I have been using HootSuite for social media management of my personal account since 2010. It's been perfect, without any hassle, one can easily have all its social media pages on single dashboard.

Our company decided to make social presence recently; being an online marketing manager i am going to suggest them HootSuite for our corporate social media management in my next meeting with the company executives.

In short, you guys did a great job, we are really looking forward for more advanced features in HootSuite.

Thanks Guys!


Nida Aslam

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your kind word and recommendations. We'll keep rocking out great new features to thrill the users.