Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, announced the finalization of $1.9 million USD of venture financing. The announcement comes on the heels of two significant releases including a HootSuite version for Apple iPhone and an update adding WordPress to the supported publishing platforms which already include Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping.fm and of course, Twitter.

The financing came from a high profile syndicate including Hearst Interactive Media, Blumberg Capital and prominent angel investors Social Concepts, and Geoff Entress.

CEO Ryan Holmes says, “This funding keeps HootSuite on track towards becoming the ultimate social media dashboard. We look forward to reaching wider audiences, and helping all manner of on-line projects and personalities communicate better with their audiences.”

HootSuite was created by Invoke Media in November of 2008 as a Twitter solution for its social media department and quickly evolved to provide brand monitoring, file-sharing, and social network integration. After only one year on the market, HootSuite has built a reputation as an essential tool for new marketers and consumers. Our more than 300,000 users include Time, Martha Stewart Media and SXSW.

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christine 5pts

Did the financing work out for you in the end? I'm very interested to know the results of financial influxes in different business models.

cold storage
cold storage 5pts

I'm happy for you guys - hope the financial investment pays off for you.

Custom Wrappers
Custom Wrappers 5pts

Congratulations and you guys surely deserve it! I look forward to the potential innovations this funding will provide to HootSuite!

nathaniel 5pts

Thats amazing news. I am very happy for you guys because this is an awesome application. Will there always be a free version to this?

Neil DeLuca
Neil DeLuca 5pts

I love this program, as it has made my life and the life of my clients so much easier being able to post simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn! Wordpress is a very powerful blogging tool. but it's not the easiest nor for the novice, non-technical user. Are there any plans to support Google Blogger in the future?

Kate 5pts

Congrats guys! Woot! Woot! Woot!

Kemp 5pts

Way to go Invokers! You rock my socks. See you soon

Cybele Negris
Cybele Negris 5pts

Congratulations Ryan! Hoping a Blackberry app in the works ;)

Great success story for Vancouver tech sector. Keep up the great work!

Dean Prelazzi
Dean Prelazzi 5pts

Outstanding Team. Outstanding product. Outstanding news. No surprise there. Congrats.

B. 5pts

Congrats guys! I love your work! keep it up! bought the iphone app within seconds of it coming out!

c-king 5pts

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Will Saint
Will Saint 5pts

Nice work Hootsweet; you deserve the best because you are the best! Your tool has allowed me to look at social media from a new set of eyes. Thank you and keep up the great work!

David Violette
David Violette 5pts

Good news. I use HootSuite on laptop - hope to see it soon for Droid

Sandra from Cloggieland
Sandra from Cloggieland 5pts

Well done!! Securing your upcoming developments and my Tweet sanity, see you guys in May when visiting Vancouver Digital Week with a 15 mobile developers from the low lands :-)

Lori 5pts

Congrats! Well deserved. Looking forward to seeing what it does for HootSuite!

Lisa Rivers
Lisa Rivers 5pts

hootsweet $money$ for the hootsuite... congratulation, and keep up the amazing work!

akp982 5pts

Thats great news :-)

Well done guys :-)

Can't wait to see what happens with it now :-)