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Live Twittering a Surgical Procedure – Case Study with High Point Regional Health System

By Andy Au | 4 years ago | 3 Comments

Companies are using HootSuite in all sorts of creative ways and we truly enjoy discovering the ways you utilize social media to effectuate business or organizational aims.

We heard about a hospital who live-Twittered a surgery and thought we’d share their story with you. Their objective was to help educate patients about medical issues as well as show their innovative use of the new media.

With help from the hospital’s Interactive Media Specialist Kelley O’Brien (@kelleyob), we crafted a brief case study to share the tips and tactics used for, “finding new ways to engage with patients.”

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hi thanks alot i really enjoeed but can i use this in medical and surgical videos and learning please hel


Andy Au
Andy Au

Hi osamah,

What are you looking to do with medical and surgical videos?


ilike u but i want to use this ap in surgicall and pedia plus medicacal situations