Introducing! Social Bar 2.0. Because Sharing is Caring.

By Hootsuite | 6 years ago | 97 Comments

In the age of sharing, linking, retweeting, capped attention spans and character limits, people need things to be shorter, better, faster, stronger. The social bar is your answer.

What does this mean for you, the content creator? The social media marketing wizard? The link sharing, social bookmarking and retweeting addict? Actually, we’ve packed this toolbar with so many useful features that we’d like to think it means quite a lot.

Social Media Tool

For the active social media participant:

  • Sharing functionality remains the focal point of the social bar. This feature will keep your eyes on prize content and allow you to share easily and frequently – we care how you share!
  • Slimmer and non-obtrusive because we know just how valuable web browser real estate can be.
  • Bookmarking of links that you have retweeted. (coming soon)

For the content creators, prolific publishers, savvy social media marketers and web developers, 2.0 has a ton of features that you and your readers will find useful:

  • Drastically increase the amount of clicks on every submitted link thanks to stickier and more versatile sharing functionality.
  • links won’t harm SEO because they’re designed to allow Google and other search engine spiders access to the content without stealing any Google juice.
  • Increased brand recognition via brand/logo recognition that links to your website/twitter account.
  • Statistics are also accessible via API where you can also monitor the velocity and dissemination of shared content. (coming soon)
  • Readers can vote on shared content and give you their valuable yay or nay assessment.
  • One click opt-out. We recognize everyone is different. So, if you or your users happen not to like it? Not a problem. One click and anyone can opt-out of ever seeing an social bar again.

Interested in finding out how you can get an social bar of your own? Contact us to learn more.

Social Media Tool

UPDATE: There have been a lot of questions regarding how to get an Social Bar. First off, thank you for all of your enthusiasm and positive feedback! Secondly, anyone can USE the social bar right now. Anyone looking to share content can simply use HootSuite, the Hootlet or to shorten the URL. People who click on links will be able to see the social bar and benefit from the bar’s features. Those interested in partnering with the API in the future should visit and sign up for more information.

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Dave 5pts

Re. Okay, so all of you who are asking how to get the Social Bar 2.0. It is very simple, just log on to your Hootsuite account and create a short url.

That did nothing. I tried.

develop4u: Trying to get a hootsuite social bar for my browser. Let's see if shrinking a url in does the trick. 11:26am, Aug 17 from HootSuite

Jyles Whitlock
Jyles Whitlock 5pts

As an erotic writer with a published first ebook on Amazon and elswehere, with a second and third eBook currently in progress, I would find this social bar a must and a great tool for my tweeting and facebooking etc, and hope you can give me one!

shukouy 5pts

I want the social bar.

Blanca 5pts

love, LOVE, L-O-V-E Hootsuite and!!!

Penny Butler
Penny Butler 5pts

This is really, really sweet, I love it :)

And I love hootsuite too!

evan derouen
evan derouen 5pts

HootSuite is awesome! I would like to be on the list to get this app. Thanks.

Chrystal 5pts


I'm curious how it doesn't hurt search engine juice as well. I can see that I have a ton of clicks on my links, but then I go check analytics for my site and blog, and see very few clicks. Google isn't recognizing clicks on links. Is this something you're working to resolve?

Tarun 5pts

How do I get social media bar. I registered for it sometime back but it says someone will get back to be. I wish there was an easy way for same.

Chris 5pts

The bar is great. I now use hootsuite for all of my tweeting, and use the dashboard for all of my viewing. I just wish there was an igoogle widget, and a place for ad code in the toolbar.

Denise 5pts

how do you disbale the bar. The upper frame is not cooperating with my website and making it useless when I use Owly to shorten my links.

Lirodon 5pts

This screams TinyURL eating up the DiggBar.

JMarie 5pts

Just luv hootsuite-great tool to form Unity-GLOBALLY..JMarie luvs hootsuite-pass it on=:)

Marianne 5pts

I think that anything that makes my posting easier.. is a given must have.

How can I get it

arturo durán
arturo durán 5pts

I would be most gratefull to become the social bar - saludos cordiales

Bodhi 5pts

I would like a social bar of my own

Chrissy Jensen
Chrissy Jensen 5pts

I would love a Social Bar 2.0 - can I please have one?

Glenn Mosser
Glenn Mosser 5pts

Am checking into this..sounds like a blast! I definitely want to join the birds. thanks for sharing!

Paul Tooze
Paul Tooze 5pts

I would love 2.0. How do you get it?

Kristina 5pts

oh! I want one too!! please tell me when you get it.

shlomo 5pts

pls send toolbar when available by email to

Debbie 5pts

Sweet...hoot me when the social bar is ready!

Thomas Mangum
Thomas Mangum 5pts

Absolutely my favorite tool to share great content. Less clicks=better use of time=more shares!

Marc 5pts

This is awesome! Sign me up!

cygnoir 5pts

I'm interested in the bar!

perthtones 5pts

I'm very interested in the social bar and a phone/Skype interview with your spokserson on the very WOOTworthy Hootsuite for my talkback radio show and blogs

btw..looking forward to Hootlet for iPhone/Safari and groups for desktop and iPhone apps ...

tony serve - @perthtones

Ysha 5pts

We all want it but you don't provide a link. Once we have hooter accounts it seems one can't go to the hootsuite home page - we just go to our own hooted twitter account page. Hence all the above dumb sounding comments, eh? Maybe we are being dumb and missing the cue? Ahh, finally found something googling social bar

Teresa 5pts

I'm interested in setting up the owly bar on a client's website but I haven't received a reply to the form I filled out on

Please let me know if / how I can set this up as my client is eager to put this on their website, thanks!

johnb 5pts

Hi, how can get the social toolbar? I'll love to have it.

Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 5pts

Marlin Forbes :


The shortener does not work at all in Opera (at least in 10 Beta). Submitting any long URL results in the shortest URL http://. :).

To all those asking where the Owly Social Bar is, try reading the comments, especially #10…



The bar is sweet, the idea of adsense is superb!

I love it - you guys rock!

Joshua Jones

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 5pts

Another guy requesting the bar!!!

Marcia 5pts

This looks great. How do I get it?

jicky 5pts

Hi Im interested in social bar. Could u tell me how to get it ?

siqige 5pts

see what had happened in twitter -----siqige

Bill Grey
Bill Grey 5pts

I MEANT that I want to know about the Owly bar. Geez :-)

Bill Grey
Bill Grey 5pts

I'd love to know more about the link, guys. Thanks!

Mark 5pts

Is there a way to have this bar turned off by default? The opt-out method is nice but opt-in by default has more pitfalls than benefits for us.

Glenn 5pts

Give me THE BAR!

WEBOSIS 5pts links won’t harm SEO because they’re designed to allow Google and other search engine spiders access to the content without stealing any Google juice.

Either that's a lie, or you don't know what you're talking about.

dave 5pts

i want the social bar pls

Lisa 5pts

want it -where do I sign up?

Chris 5pts

I think you are missing big-time here

You came up with what seems to be a great offer - but I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out where I actually get the toolbar - you should make it obvious enough to understand

Jeff 5pts

I like the smaller footprint and the fact you remembered that there are other social websites out here. Making it easier to share in more places is key in acquiring quality traffic.

Rose Clark
Rose Clark 5pts

I really like HootSuite. So many features that I enjoy using.