We’ve introduced some new features into the HootSuite nest!


Now you can mark your favourite tweets right from within HootSuite.

Whenever you’re browsing your feeds, searches, or @replies, you’ll see a star icon next to each tweet. Like what someone said? Save it to your favourites with one click. Check out your faves later — they’re saved under their own tab.

See ALL your sent tweets

By popular demand, we’ve changed the way the Sent tab works. Instead of just showing you tweets made from Hootsuite, we’re now able to show you all the tweets you’ve sent — even those posted from the web, from your phone, or from your mobile twitter app.

The Sent tab still has the juicy stats function and threaded conversation views, but now you’re able to see all your tweets, too!

Enjoy the new features… there are more where those came from. Stay tuned!

Tee 5pts

Great job with these new features! They are appreciated.

CustomTees 5pts

Hi Hootsuite

great product.....

When I'm entering future tweets for a month, it would be really cool of the screen would stay on the tab that I selected, that is Month. I have to keep selecting "Month" because it reverts to "Today", I need to see where I'm up to in the month.

thanks for listening

Craig R.

Custom Tees

Brisbane, Australia

Jeff 5pts

@Norm: Auto-populating selected text is something we plan on adding. Thanks for the feedback.

Ad Exchanges
Ad Exchanges 5pts

This is a great tool. Thanks for continuing to add new features and updates.


leslie 5pts

good job with the updates!!!!!love this new site!!!!just joined :0)

Norm Gregory
Norm Gregory 5pts

I have fallen away from my "Hootlet" button. Because unlike most other apps selected text doesn't show in the tweet box. Too much retyping required. I find my self going back to BigTweet.

LMag 5pts

I'm concerned about security. How can I decode an Owly link to see the full address before I visit the target site? This seems like a blatantly obvious safety feature, but I can't figure out how to do it on your site. Help?

Ronnie Ledesma
Ronnie Ledesma 5pts

You surprise and delight! I'm excited about upcoming enhancements. Thank you, also, for your advanced communication when you're installing those enhancements. I take it as a simple act of kindness.

billso 5pts

Excellent! I like the new fave management features.