She’s Wearing a HootSuite Shirt ~ And She’ll Wear Yours Too

By Dave Olson | 6 years ago | 14 Comments

The web is full of clever money making ideas, and NYC model Tanaya adds another to the mix with “She Wears Your Tee“. Basically, she sells a promotional service based on the humble t-shirt — and her ability to look good wearing it:

Companies such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Lucky Jeans have hired me for thousands of dollars a day to help promote their brands but I am offering my services to you for a fraction of that cost.

Interesting to see the parade of web companies using her promotional services already – the days are selling out and she’s a better “ad” than Chris Pirillo’s chest.

NYC Fashion Model Tanaya wear Shirts for fun and profit

Lucky for us, Tanaya is a HootSuite user. Hence, she offered a true assessment of our contribution to the social web in her January 23, 2010: Hootsuite “release”:

Hootsuite is a great tool for Twitter users. Hootsuite allows you to manage and track links, auto-shorten, have multiple accounts, and even pull data. Hootsuite supports Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can even schedule tweets to go live at a later time! Get Hootsuite at, and make sure to get the iPhone app as well.

xoxo, t

How it works:

Go to my calendar, find the day that you want to advertise on, and click Buy.
Send me your smallest shirt at least two weeks before your ad date.
*Don’t have a shirt? Contact me and I will help you.
Wait for your day to come and think of ways to make it more successful for YOU. I will try help you reach your goal. Whether it be promoting the grand opening of a new store or increasing the followers on your twitter account. We can work together and even create special offers and incentives for my viewers.
So, be like HootSuite go book your date with a model.

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jaclyn 5pts

Love the HootSuite tee. Great photo here!

starpulp 5pts

You should check out - These guys do basically the same thing, but are like 10000x more involved and dedicated. They utilize several social mediums which brings the movement full circle. Plus, there's nothing better than playing Pictionary Sunday w/ IWearYourShirt and IdeaPaint.

DTG 5pts

I searched all around but could not find samples or examples. Where might I look?

Justin 5pts

Yeah I'd love a Hootsuite Tee too - Trade for a Zendesk one even ?

Em 5pts

@Dave Yankowiak,

That is pretty sad. I looked it up and she really did copy them and then said it was "A Brand New Advertising Model"! She copied the tactic and the website. But she is missing the best stuff, like live Internet video broadcasts.

Dave Yankowiak
Dave Yankowiak 5pts

HOOTSUITE, I love ya, but you've got an un-original wearing your shirt. My buddy Jason Sadler has been doing this for over a year (EXACT same pricing model too - this gal even stole that), has built a huge following, has been featured on CNN, FOX, NBC, and more, and he's got the best grasp on social media of any person I've ever met. Really, check him out on This gal even copied the layout of his website...hers looks the same except it's pink! Tsk tsk, Tanaya.

PS - I still LOVE Hootsuite! Best Twitter app out there.

zoey ryan
zoey ryan 5pts

Why don't you feature some hippy grandmas wearing the hootsuite T-shirt?

John 5pts


And then the software loaded and a picture was before me. That's what happens when you don't add the add in's first. My bad.

John 5pts

To whom it may concern. The lack of a Photo of this girl wearing your t-shirt kills me? What gives, you tell me about it, but don't do it?

Depressed by the lack of a beautiful woman attached to this page. Why would I do it, if I don't have proof or even link to proof you would do/did it?????????

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Ugh fixing that great injustice John.

Ross LaRocco
Ross LaRocco 5pts

How do I order a HootSuite t-shirt? I want one!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

We're working on a new batch - we'll let you know on this blog.

Patrick 5pts

That's a pretty bad Photoshop I must say.