Images via Bleacher Report

3 Social Media Marketing Lessons We Learned From Playoff Hockey Beards

Oh, the playoffs. The smell of spring is in the air! Except in the 16 NHL locker rooms, where an entirely different odor denotes the most intense time in the pro hockey season. These locker rooms have something else in common, too: not a razor in sight. Why? Because hockey players are superstitious and they believe that shaving during the playoffs brings bad luck, while a big, burly beard might just be the equivalent of a four-leaf clover on their way to the Stanley Cup. With this in mind, we thought we would share what hockey beards have taught us about social media marketing.

1. Jump on the bandwagon, but do it right

As an experienced beard grower once said “a good playoff beard can win a series, or lose you friends”. Meaning, if you are a marketer, and you want to insert your brand into a trend, be careful to choose your moment and do it right. The better the trend fits your brand, the less likely it is your shot will miss the net. Hashtags can be misinterpreted and attempts at humor can majorly backfire—the misuse of a trend can hit your brand like a cross-check into the boards.

2. Beards can’t be faked and neither can good content

Why do we think hockey playoff beards are so great? Because they are authentic. None of those players are faking that hair growth. There is 100% commitment. The same goes for content. The brands that make the best content are the same ones that know how to own their unique voice, which is the key to authenticity. Figure out what your brand’s voice is—don’t just copy your competitor.

3. A good beard takes time and care to grow

Ever notice a really good beard?  Unlike chia pets, they don’t just grow overnight. A good beard needs patience, care and attention to detail. Good beard owners grow those things with pride and enthusiasm. Again the same goes for great marketing campaigns. Instead of 10 pieces of content that were created in a rush with poor strategy, take the time to make sure everything you do has value.

Every week, we take a newsworthy topic and share relevant content and social media marketing lessons that can be drawn from seemingly unrelated subjects, such as boy band member changes and Jay Z’s new business venture. Tune in next week for another surprise post.