HootSuite launches in Chinese + Integrates Sina Weibo

HootSuite localizes in China

HootSuite would like to wish every owl a happy Chinese holiday season. To celebrate, we are excited to announce that we are bringing HootSuite to our Chinese speaking friends!

The Chinese love Social Media… so do we!

Chinese users are flocking to social media in massive numbers, we want to make sure HootSuite is there with them. HootSuite is now translated for use with Traditional Chinese characters thanks to Crystal Jiang, Ellen Zhong, Walter Siu, Yu Sun, Zabina Leung, Candy Yu, Frank Tsai, Robert Huang, Yi Jiang, Ken Chow and Ray Zhang.

Traditional Chinese is our first step to serve Chinese-speaking people, whose locations range from Hong Kong and Taipei to the enormous ex-pat community all around the world.

Make the Switch

To use HootSuite in Chinese, just choose by clicking Settings > Preferences then select Traditional Chinese (or any other desired language) from the pull-down menu.

With these translations, we hope to start a conversation about how we can help Chinese people everywhere enjoy their social networks and explore ways to share our social media management tool around China.

Weibo Comes to HootSuite

HootSuite is also happy to launch a frequently requested feature; Weibo. This popular Chinese-centric network can now be added as an app to your dashboard thanks to developer Min Li.

Weibo for HootSuite features:

  • Share Sina Weibo content to your social networks
  • Search for content on the Sina Weibo network
  • Post to your Weibos, including pictures
  • Favorite posts and view re-posts and comments
  • View your Weibos and the Weibos you follow

Weibo for HootSuite
This social network has over 300 million users, and is predicted to be used by 30% of people on the internet by 2013. We hope to keep releasing updates and features that will allow you to manage Chinese social networks with HootSuite.

You may have already heard of the new Chinese release via our own announcement in Traditional Chinese or from our friends at The Next Web and Tech in Asia.

How can we make things better?

We’re working on what we think you’ll like, but we want to know what you think. How can HootSuite help you? Want a particular app or feature added? Let us know.

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Team up with Owly

Excited to announce that we are bringing HootSuite to Chinese users!
Hoots to all the participants in the Chinese Localization Symposium and Chinese Translathon

Are you excited about HootSuite coming to Chinese users? Great — help us make it even better! Be the first to organize a HootUp in your city! These user-centric events are a great way to share our culture. We’ll send you treats from owl stickers to owl masks and help promote your event.

Would you like to be a part of HootSuite? Check out our Envoys & Ambassadors program to represent HootSuite in your region. If you are a translator, join our HootSuite Translation Project. You could help us make the Chinese version of HootSuite even better or perhaps help us translate HootSuite to Simplified Chinese as well.