Command Center Webinar ~ Now on Demand

One of our most popular webinars to date, ‘Social Command Center: The Emergence of the Social Business Command Center’ is now available to view and share anytime you like.

Hosted by the SVP of Social Business Planning at EdelmanMichael Brito, this webinar is about visualizing social data, the missing link between the adoption of social throughout an organisation and the C-Suite.


During the webinar, some great questions were asked about specifics such as:

  • Successful deployment of Command Centers across organizations.
  • Monitoring for content creation and performance enhancement.
  • Empowering your team to engage.
  • A centralized Command Center for a global brand.

For the answers and more on social business command centers, watch the video, now available on demand.

Edelman’s Michael Brito
Edelman’s Michael Brito

Meet your Host

Through social business planning and strategic consulting, he has helped his clients operationalize their content marketing strategies, enable better customer relationships, enable employee engagement and advocacy; and scale their social programs globally; with the end result of creating shared value among employees, partners and customers.

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