Convergence, Diplomacy, Tips and Measurements ~ News Round-up

This news round-up focuses on a few posts discussing social media efficiency, international versions, media convergence, plus planning and measuring strategic campaigns.

Take some time to enjoy the knowledge and let us know which articles you particularly enjoyed.

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Here we go:

Business Week – Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Karen E. Klein and Ivan Misner (founder and chairman of business networking organization in a Q&A:

There are great services they should be using like, Seesmic, and You can go there and it ties all your social media together. In other words, they’re probably logging on to their Facebook account and going to their page and typing in their message, and then going to Twitter and LinkedIn and doing the same thing. It kills time. If you use sites like this, you write one message and they ping everything so you’re not spending 20 minutes to do what you can in three minutes.

Some great tips for working efficiently – thanks Karen and Ivan.

ADO Strategies – Application Convergence: Have you seen the new Hootsuite?

Application Convergence: Have you seen the new Hootsuite? from ADO Strategies

Matthew Snyder writes:

What we have seen is that our friends in Vancouver  (Hootsuite) have really looked to market differentiation with these translation tools.


When I saw the announcement in April by Hootsuite I felt like they were really listening to the customer; as there must had been lots others like me with the same predicament.  In my mind this is a big move by the Hootsuite folks in their attempt  at this and even though we have not yet seen this capability on Facebook,  MARK MY WORDS….. This is going to be one of the most important features for them with their 500M users in the coming months.  If they do not buy Hootsuite, then they will do this themselves by the end of the year.

Interesting points Matthew — we definitely feel it’s important to embrace users from around the world and take a true global view of the impact of the social web. Now, about HTML 5

CommunicateAsia – Hootsuite Awarded a Big Hat Tip (from me) for Thinking Like an Internationalist

Michael Netzley writes:

Hootsuite, one of the major tools for Twitter lovers, now has translation built into its iPhone app — Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. While this does give us access to one of the world’s truly leading digital markets, Japan, other Asian countries are not yet included (I remain hopeful). Still, a big hat tip to Hootsuite for thinking like an Internationalist! A rare thing in the 21st century, so much appreciated.

We’ve since added localization for Korean and Arabic to the iPhone with more language choices to come – thanks Professor.

thoughtpick4 Awesome Web-based Twitter Clients

M. Bamieh writes:

If you can appreciate the utility of an electric screw driver over its traditional cousin, you will appreciate Hootsuite. {snip} This is a heavy application, and certainly more enterprise centric providing you with a command console worthy of a marketing department HQ. If you have many Twitter accounts to manage or you are a star and would like to manage the accounts of your Twitter account ghost writers this is the tool to use.

HootSuite loves marketing departments and Twitter stars alike

inmanNewsHow to measure social media strategy and success

Katie Lance writes:

Along with Google Analytics, I utilize the statistical feature in Hootsuite. I think Hootsuite is a must for any social media manager or anyone who is consistently managing a social media campaign on different platforms.

Once you are logged into Hootsuite, to view your statistics, look at the lower-left-hand corner of your screen and click the “Launch” button. From there you can check your stats summary or individual messages by clicking “Summary.”

Glad to hear Katie – have you tried the custom URL parameters yet?

Youngentrepreneur8 Awesome Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Navid Zolfaghari writes:

Through Hootsuite’s unique social media dashboard, you can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress and other social networks. Hootsuite helps organizations launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels.

Thanks for putting HootSuite at the top of the list Navid – we concur with many of your other tips too.

The WELDer – How To HootSuite Like A Pro

How To HootSuite Like A Pro from The WELDer

Gretchen Stone writes:

The beauty of HootSuite is that unlike some other apps, you can update multiple accounts from just one platform. So, for instance, if you’re tasked with managing your company’s profile, you can also update your own without having to log out. You can even send the same message to both, cutting your typing time in half.


Short cuts like HootSuite take the frustration out of keeping up with your online presence and more importantly save time for busy executives.

Great tips and love that header graphic with the superhero lad.

StayOnSearch – Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Twitter Engagement Efforts

Mark Thomson writes:

In my personal opinion, I have found Hootsuite to be by far the best Twitter client out there.  I’m sure a lot of people can make an argument for clients like Tweetdeck and Seesmic, but I find Hootsuite to be the most user-friendly, feature-rich, and up-to-date Twitter client available.

The interface is clean, customizable, and includes a wealth of information about your twitter account.  Let’s take a detailed look into how Hootsuite can be used to manage your daily engagements for both personal and business use.

We’re glad you are on-board Mark and props on a very comprehensive roundup about HootSuite.

Social Media for Dealers –  Twitter tools profile: HootSuite

The first tool we’re covering is HootSuite. HootSuite is a “professional Twitter client”, fancy for “free tool that allows you to post, schedule future posts, track, follow and stay updated with your Twitter strategy”.   Check out the article “How to Get the Most Out of Social Media Using Hootsuite” by Zachary Sniderman on Open Forum. He does a great job over-viewing Hootsuite.


HootSuite offers the best tracking options of the Twitter tools we’ll cover. It offers statistics and tools that can tell you anything from what links were clicked on (and when) to which sites are sending traffic your way.  Of course it also measures retweets, replies, and mentions.  It’s a great way gage your success and set benchmarks for the future.

In case you were wondering, “Dealers” in this case means RV dealerships – nothing nefarious ;-)


As always, catch more HootSuite news via the social bookmark stream and let us know about any we’ve missed in the comments.