A Good Day for Social Media Managers

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These days we’re finally seeing the personality of companies coming through in their interactions on social media. Not only are they informatively answering questions through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter- but every once in a while they are (can it be true?) totally hilarious. Here’s a great example:

It all started with a Tweet:

Check out the original UNEDITED tweet here. All Images from Buzzfeed's original article
Check out the original UNEDITED tweet here. All Images from Buzzfeed’s original article

Heres a little background: Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. I know Chloe’s message might have been a little hard to understand, but apparently she wasn’t very happy with Tesco Mobile (at least I think?).

Take a look at Tesco Mobile’s honorable response: enhanced-buzz-

It doesn’t end there. The conversation intensified: enhanced-buzz-2224-1384363027-12

Once two or more companies join, we can consider it a party (HootSuite Customer @CadburyUK jumped in)! enhanced-buzz-25120-1384363061-11

More companies jumped in, and worldwide issues were considered:enhanced-buzz-2929-1384363455-9enhanced-buzz-24643-1384363528-16

Jokes were made, and friendships were shaped: enhanced-buzz-17674-1384363596-0enhanced-buzz-24623-1384363621-13

And sadly, the party had to come to an end:

All Images from Buzzfeed's Original Article
All Images from Buzzfeed’s Original Article

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