Introducing! Social Bar 2.0. Because Sharing is Caring.

In the age of sharing, linking, retweeting, capped attention spans and character limits, people need things to be shorter, better, faster, stronger. The social bar is your answer.

What does this mean for you, the content creator? The social media marketing wizard? The link sharing, social bookmarking and retweeting addict? Actually, we’ve packed this toolbar with so many useful features that we’d like to think it means quite a lot.

Social Media Tool

For the active social media participant:

  • Sharing functionality remains the focal point of the social bar. This feature will keep your eyes on prize content and allow you to share easily and frequently – we care how you share!
  • Slimmer and non-obtrusive because we know just how valuable web browser real estate can be.
  • Bookmarking of links that you have retweeted. (coming soon)

For the content creators, prolific publishers, savvy social media marketers and web developers, 2.0 has a ton of features that you and your readers will find useful:

  • Drastically increase the amount of clicks on every submitted link thanks to stickier and more versatile sharing functionality.
  • links won’t harm SEO because they’re designed to allow Google and other search engine spiders access to the content without stealing any Google juice.
  • Increased brand recognition via brand/logo recognition that links to your website/twitter account.
  • Statistics are also accessible via API where you can also monitor the velocity and dissemination of shared content. (coming soon)
  • Readers can vote on shared content and give you their valuable yay or nay assessment.
  • One click opt-out. We recognize everyone is different. So, if you or your users happen not to like it? Not a problem. One click and anyone can opt-out of ever seeing an social bar again.

Interested in finding out how you can get an social bar of your own? Contact us to learn more.

Social Media Tool

UPDATE: There have been a lot of questions regarding how to get an Social Bar. First off, thank you for all of your enthusiasm and positive feedback! Secondly, anyone can USE the social bar right now. Anyone looking to share content can simply use HootSuite, the Hootlet or to shorten the URL. People who click on links will be able to see the social bar and benefit from the bar’s features. Those interested in partnering with the API in the future should visit and sign up for more information.